Monday, December 14, 2009


So I jump on to blogger a couple of hours ago to do a quick book review . . . and RWBC is gone. No longer there on my dashboard. "Cannot be found" when I type the address in myself. And I can't figure out what happened. I had, like, 90-some reviews on there . . . ish. Lots. This is making no sense at all. Sad day. :-(

And of course, I find this out after coming back home from buying a new battery for my car. After having to call Drew for a ride at the last minute (good thing we were both at North Park today!!), AND after replacing Luke's battery just a couple of weeks ago. Umm, thanks for the Christmas wishes fate!

I don't think I like this game. :-(

P. ost S. cript
Yoou know what one of the best parts of Christmastime is? The commercials. The ones they replay every year. They're like mini-holiday specials that you get to see a dozen times every december. I wish they still played this one. The updated version they made this year just isn't the same.

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