Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Win Some, Lose Some

K, so yesterday was awesome. Luke had the day off. He's through with training, so now he's got a really sporadic schedule with random, rotating days off. Plus side - variety. Down side - lots of Sunday working. But we're both more than used to that after Disney, and he can at least go to sacrament, unlike in Florida. Anyway, like I said, great day. We rolled out of bed around nine-thirty-ish (I am going to be so screwed when I finally find a job and have to get up early!), ate breakfast, and all that good stuff. Then we had a whole day to do whatever we wanted . . . on days like this, I'm kind of a huge fan of this whole grown-up thing, you know? Anyway, we watched a couple of episodes of Stargate SG-1. Luke's known I'm a junkie for a while, and he'd seen a few episodes, so we've been intending to rent it sooner or later, but about a month ago we checked out hulu on a whim to see if they had it. That's all we've watched, but I have a new favorite website!! How could I not, when I have access to a DanielJackson fix 24/7 at my fingertips? Yay!! (and for anyone curious, they sow the Sci-Fi version of the pilot, not the Cinemax version) And even better - when we started watching they only had seasons 1-4 available, but sometime in the last week or so season five appeared . . . woot! I figure if you go slowly enough they'll get all ten seasons up by the time we're ready for them. So we watched "Thor's Hammer" and "The Torment of Tantalus" (for those in the know, haha), and then, in the name of continuing to break Luke in to Utah life, we watched The Home Teachers. I have to admit, I'd seen this one before, and I really don't care for it. Blatant recycling of The RM and Single's Ward without enough new material - LAME!! Those two were pretty good . . . not hysterical or anything, but I did actually laugh out loud the first time I saw them. Not so with THT. But at least now Luke knows what sort of companion he might find himself stuck with around here. Because seriously . . . yeah, people are not like that outside of Utah. For the most part, anyway. At least, everyone in our single's ward in Florida was comparatively normal.

Anyway, after the movie Luke was a little restless . . . so we played Mario Kart for a while. Instead of, you know, going for an actual drive or walk or something. :-) But it was fun, dangit!! But after a while we decided we wanted to cuddle on the couch again (side note: the too-fluffy, over-stuffed cushions are slowly but surely getting beaten into submission. It's almost comfortable to sit on the couch!!) so we popped in Single's 2nd Ward. And believe it or not - it was actually pretty good! How crazy is that?!? Even though we both like the first one, neither of us were really expecting much . . . but it was clever, and actually had some new jokes. Definitely not Oscar material, but I'd give it a pretty solid three stars. Or one thumb up. Something like that. By this time it was starting to get a little late, but Luke felt like watching more Stargate, so we watched "Bloodlines." By the time it was over it was almost midnight, so we decided to crash. (Obviously I've skipped over the boring parts, like reading together and picking movies and making snow cones and popcorn before starting the movie . . . ) By far, one of the best days we've spent in a while. Completely responsibility and obligation free . . . good times.

And then today. Grrrrrr. Actually, not that bad, but I was annoyed. So we're getting low on clothes, so I decided to do laundry today. Ignoring the fact that I thought my hoarding-quarters days ended years ago (and seriously, what is up with NONE of the apartments in Logan having washer and dryer in the units? LAME!!!!!!!!!), if I didn't know better I would think we were the only people in the complex who did laundry. Granted, I'm usually in there in the middle of the day, but I've done laundry just about every day of the week, and I've been in there early in the morning and late afternoon and I've NEVER seen anyone else in the laundry room. So I go downstairs intending to knock out three loads at once (I will admit, that is a plus side to having to leave the apartment to wash clothes), and what happens? Two of the washers are already being used!! So what was going to be about a two-hour chore turns into four hours . . . grrrrr!! Granted, I realize this isn't really a big deal . . . but seriously? What are the odds? Those things are NEVER in use, and suddenly I'm lucky to get one? Lame! The next place we live in WILL have a washer and dryer in it . . . or at least hook-ups. Absolute deal-breaker.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been trying to pick a picture at the top of my blog with the title. Now, with the blogs where I've seen it done it goes all the way across and looks really cute. But when I tried it only took up half the space and looked . . . well, ridiculously dumb. And I can't figure out how to make the picture stretch across the entire header. So my question for those of you who have pictures (Julie and Sarah) . . . how did you do it?

P. ost S. cript
I found this one a couple of months ago, and it's just too cute not to share. (warning - put down the sugary snack. This one's about a 14 on the cutesy-o-meter)


  1. Okay Lacey, let's see if I can remember how to do this. Go into your edit layout and click "edit" on your title. You should be able to add your picture there. If that's what you've been doing, then your picture is probably too big and needs to be resized. On resizing you can do it in Paint. Open your photo, click on Image in the toolbar, and start playing with it. I usually take it down to 50/50. Do a little save as and try again to post it on your blog. This usually solves my problems when things need resizing. I hope this helps.

  2. Ditto. I used some photo editing program to change the dimensions in order to get it to fit.
    I'm glad you've introduced Luke to Stargate. I introduced Clint and his roommates a year before we got married. Let's just say it was a good & bad idea. Good idea, because that's about the same time Clint got his interest in me. Bad Idea, because he would call me up as soon as he saw me get back from class and ask if I felt like watching Stargate. Dang it, I did, so I'd go over instead of doing my homework.

  3. You know I LOVE Stargate. Does Hulu have Atlantas? I'll have to check it out. I was boxing up Trevor's stuff and realized that all 10 seasons of SG-1 are his. I am going to have to save up and buy me a set, but in the meantime, I'll have Hulu.

    And Singles Ward 2? The girl's mother? My friend and neighbor. Brandi watched it a couple of weeks ago and when they sat behind us in church Brandi leaned over to me and said "I hope it was just apple juice Sister Little was drinking in that movie"

    I also used to choreograph plays and she was the musical director and her husband the director. Fun times.

  4. Hulu does have Atlantis, but I'm not sure how many seasons are up.

    And tell Brandi I dare her to ask if it was apple juice. :-P