Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ok, I have a confession. I've been reading your blog. Yes, yours. Yeah, yours too. In fact, if you're reading this and you have a blog, odds are I've read the entire thing - from your very first post - or I'm in the process of it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I need a job. I'll admit, the library books do go a long way in combating endless ennui, but sometimes you just wanna spend some time mindlessy wandering the web. And one can only take facebook personality quizzes for so long. Especially when you've already taken them on quizilla and blogthings to put on your myspace profile (which you haven't checked in over a year). And even before that you were procrastinating writing not only college papers, but HIGH SCHOOL papers taking the SAME quizzes on emode, which became tickle, and now apparently doesn't even exist anymore. Dang. And believe me, some things really do never change. Like my results on some of those quizzes. Ironically, my results on the ones like "what day will you get married?" were never once the same, even when I put in the same answers. None of the results were right either, but that's probably a moot point now, isn't it?

Anyway . . . yeah. I've read everything. Seen it all. (And I've gotta say, Aunt Tawnya - great pics, you looked a lot like Grandma when you were little, and dare I venture a guess that I know which sister had to know how you wanted her kids to dress for your wedding before she could let us . . . I mean them . . . pick the pattern/fabric for the new outfits she'd be making?) It's made for some pretty good stuff. (Another aside - Aunt Sharon, the very first thing I thought of with your band name post was this. Assuming you're unfamiliar, you'll get it after about a minute.) Among other things, I've discovered that if I had ever had reason to think I was adopted . . . yeah . . . nope. Unless one of YOU is my real Mommy . . . ;-) Now I know where I get

~ my inclination to decorate . . . and my ineptitude at it
~ my extreme love of jewelry (personally, I go for necklaces and, to a small extent, earrings)
~ my obsession with everything Christmas (ok, that could arguably have been Mom . . . but she doesn't get near as into it . . . btw, how do you like this no names thing? Have fun guessing who I'm talking about!)
~ my tendancy to be paranoid about whether people actually like me or not (not entirely unfounded . . . but that's a subject for another blog . . . )
~ my lack of willpower around sweets (I can have a package of Oreos sit in my cupboard for a month unopened . . . the day I open it, one can only hope it lasts the rest of the day . . . )
~ my bizarre desire to have all light switches pointed down when the lights are off (not quite so extreme as to call it a need . . . and I'm soooooooooooo glad I don't have any triple switches!!!!)
~ I'm not the only one who's been on both sides of the "to have kids or not to have kids" question (I love kids . . . I also love giving them back when I'm done . . . )

And at least one of you can pass this little gem of a story along: the last time I was asked to give a talk in sacrament, I got so nervous the night before that I was literally up almost all night sick. Seriously - puking, or hurrying to the bathroom thinking I was going to until about 4 in the morning, when I finally fell asleep. I woke up at 10:45. Church was at 10. Sacrament first. Luke can vouch for me. So can my parents since, ironically, that happened to be the weekend they came out to Orlando to meet Luke. Yeah. Good stuff. Normally I just do the whole not-quite-a-panic-attack-on-the-stand-then-tears-of-terror-so-intense-you-can't-tell-if-I'm-talking-or-not thing too. Not this time. Oh, the horror. I can only hope my younger cousin(s) will be encouraged . . . or at least amused, and thereby less nervous because of sharing that story.

And to those of you not related to me - Sarah ~ I'm sad you couldn't make it to our reception as much because I didn't get to meet Trevor as because I didn't get to see you. Holly ~ switch Trevor for Katie. Adorable, both of them!!!

Also, so I won't forget in a future post, if any of you ever happen to be involved in planning a baby shower for me, I want a cake like this. Actually, no, I want that cake. And under no condition is there to be a cake like any of these. Eeww. Those last two are censored, but unless you want to answer awkward questions you might want to make sure the little kiddies aren't around before you open them. Again - eeww. (And Aunt Sandra - Holy. Awesome. Stargate. Cake!!! Can I have one for my birthday?!)

In case you can't tell, I've found ways to entertain myself while Luke is off being all breadwinner-y. Believe me, you'll be seeing more of those results. The good news is, these were the just-plain-wrongest.

P. ost S. cript
This one's in the same vein as the roomba kitties and last post's hamster. Luke and I both love kitties . . . Luke more than me. He has this cute little baby talk voice he uses to talk to cats . . . a voice that makes me laugh, although I can't see him using it on an actual human baby. We will have a kitty someday.


  1. Oh Lacey, I miss you. I miss talking about Lost and your crazy antics. I love reading your posts. So entertaining. And the movies you add...MUAH! I get a hoot out of all of them. We should live closer together. Then we could hang out like everyday. How cool would that be?

  2. Oh and the cakes...totally figures you want a baby shower cake with Vader on it. 100% Lacey!

  3. Who needs names??

    And those cakes? Just Ewwwwe

  4. Those censored cakes cracked me up. HA! And - double HA! - it wasn't your mom!

    If you ever want more of the "to have kids or not" debate, I have...(how old was I when I had Sammy? 32?) 32 years of material on that one...

  5. Oh, Lacey....where to start.... that cartoon video was hi.lar.ious. the Vader cake? Awesome. The other cakes? Spec.tac.u.lar!!!

    And is it my fault that I just wanted everything at my wedding to match????

  6. It could have been me that asked. I don't remember but it seems like something I would have done at that point of my life. Not so much anymore though.

  7. Sharon, THAT was funny.

    It wasn't Sandra. Huh. It seems we've carefully done the process of elimination without her input...let's see if she reads today.

  8. Sarah ~ we should all move to Celebration or something. :-) Did you know they show Lost trailers at the ABC Commisary at DHS? And costumes!!

    Aunt Tawnya ~ I'll admit I laughed at all the cakes . . . but I still don't think I could bring myself to eat the censored ones. Can you imagine getting the piece with the bottom half of her on it? Eeww. Also, it was logical to assume it was my mother because she didn't let us pick out our outfits until she knew what your colors were. Plus I felt like my dress was too fancy/wintery for an outdoor August wedding . . . but it was for a wedding, so it HAD to be fancy . . . oy.

    Aunt Sharon ~ if you liked that, I highly recommend checking out the rest of the site. Mom doesn't like it . . . I think she mostly doesn't get it . . . but it strikes me as right up your (and Aunt T's) alley. The boys will probably love it.

    Aunt Sandra ~ I was going to link to some awesome Stargate cakes, but I forgot. Here they are.

  9. Oh, dear. Did I hurt her head that I didn't HAVE colors? Or did I tell her I did and make some up? Oh no! I did always think your dress, while very pretty, was a tad formal for an outdoor picnic...

    I just tried to stop by with some books. Your block and your parking lot are being run done. I'm too lazy to hike it in with the books and sammy, so I left. Sorry!

  10. Blasteth!! At least the parking lot actually looks like a parking lot now. It was getting pretty bad . . . probably hadn't been touched since you lived here!! Try again anytime . . . I'm almost always here, especially afternoons. I try not to go anywhere after about one because the a/c in my car doesn't work.

    I think the lack of colors actually made it easier . . . we could pick any color we wanted and not have to worry about being mistaken for a bridesmaid or something. (Of course, I think all three of us would have loved that to happen . . . ) And I did like that dress . . . I just would have rather it be my Christmas dress or something.

  11. Okay, longest and most random blog entry ever in the history of blogs. You're awesome. I'm happy you're being a silent stalker on my blog. The more the readers, the better for me, even IF you don't ever say anything. :D

    And since I read your link to various Facebook-mockage posts, I've been wanting to share this link below my innocuous Facebook comment TO that post---but Facebook spazzes every time I include it in a comment anywhere or even as a private message to you via Facebook. Spazz to the extent that it thinks I'm some spammer who's hacked into my own account; I've had to change my password because of immediate safety measures, and all because of this link.

    And of course, because Facebook doesn't like this link, it makes me want to share it all the more. It's not dirty or anything, at least, not any more than your link to the STFUParents site (which is genius). It's just mockage of several Mormon girls in Utah, and I thought it fit right along the lines of Facebook mock. So here's the link; are you ready?