Monday, July 6, 2009

O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!

I have a library card again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't had a (usable) library card since we left Idaho Falls. That's more than ten years. . . . sad. I'm wondering how I survived that long without one. A couple of new books for my birthday and Christmas are just not enough . . . but thank heaven the two are spaced out almost perfectly evenly!! Oh, how I've missed this.

I got my first library card in first grade on a field trip to the library. I still have it. I found it when I was going through all the stuff I'd left in the closet of my old room . . . yeah, keeping that one forever. If I was the scrapbooking type I would scrap it. If I hadn't gotten into the college program I was thinking about moving to IF and working there for a while until I decided what to do next (suffice it to say I was considering moving to a lot of different places after graduation). Every time I thought about that plan I wondered if I would still be able to use my old card with my six-year-old handwriting. I loved that library. They had a summer reading program . . . the top prize was for reading 30 books in the summer. I usually read over 100. It was absolutely tortureous though, waiting to go. Mom wouldn't take us until either the books were due or everyone had finished all their books. I'd check out about 15-20 at a time . . . and three days later I was ready to go back for more, but of course, no one else was. So I read the books Ashli checked out . . . and then the ones Shayla checked out . . . and more often than not I'd end up reading even Rian's books waiting to get more. (btw, in case I haven't mentioned it before, I like to read. It's not that obvious, is it? *eye roll*)

And then we moved to Tremonton. And since we didn't actually live within the city limits, we would have had to pay, like, $20 a year for a card . . . and that library? Sooooooooooooooooo not worth it. I went in there a couple of times . . . you couldn't pay me to go back. So teeny tiny, very little variety, unless you want to check out every single Ensign ever published. Or every single copy of The Leader (the baby-sized Tremonton paper). And since I didn't have a car in Cedar I never really had a chance to get a card there until my senior year . . . and then I didn't see the point, plus that was my busy year. Two jobs, full schedule . . . 20 page papers, very top-level French classes . . . yeah, not too condusive to pleasure reading. And I don't even know where to find the Orlando library, even if I had been able to carve out a little time for reading.

But then, there was Logan. Luke got a card practically as soon as he moved in . . . quite literally one of the very first things he did as a citizen of Logan. So I've been checking out books on his card since then, first because I didn't actually live here . . . technically . . . I practically did, I was pretty much only sleeping in Tremonton . . . and second because I'd been waiting to get my new driver's license and SSN card since you need to forms of ID to get a card. (On a side note, times sure have changed . . . the form I filled out said kids need a parent with ID to get a card . . . all I needed back in the day was a signed permission slip type form!) And I've had those for about a month now, but the couple of times I've gone in that time Luke was there and I usually forgot to grab my SSN card, so I've still been checking books out on his card. But the books I had out were due today, and Luke is working all day, so I took them ack and FINALLY got my card. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels sooooooooooooo good to have a library card again!!

On a slightly sad-ish note, I looked for all the authors y'all suggested a couple weeks ago. And I've discovered that the Logan library . . . kinda sucks. No Shannon Hale, David G Wooley, or Josi Kilpatrick. The only N C Allen they have is Faith of Our Fathers . . . read it! Only two Stephanie Black's . . . and I have one of them already (the good news is I like it . . . so hopefullly I like the other one . . . when it comes in) So out of seven author recommendations, they only have three of them. And of course, since no one else in this town reads anything else, most of their stuff was out. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. AND all the Philippa Gregory's are STILL out except a couple that I've already read, and one that's a third in a series, but I haven't read the second yet. Blargh.

The trip wasn't a total bust though. I did manage to snag a couple of Sariah Wilson's that sound potentially interesting, after multiple glowing reviews I'm giving Eyes of a Stranger (Rachel Ann Nunes) a chance, a couple of LM Montgomery's because I absolutely adore the Anne books and I've always wanted to read her other stuff, and, like a junkie in desperate need of a fix, two Star Wars novels. Good times. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some reading to do. YAY!!!!!!

PS - ten points to anyone who can name the reference for today's title!! If I was crafty and/or had money I would offer a prize or something, but this time around it's just gonna be bragging rights . . . maybe next time . . .

P. ost S. cript
This one's only for people who can handle cuteness meter readings of about eight (out of ten) or higher, but it cracks Luke and me up every time. I actually recorded a little bit of the song for a ringtone. Good times.


  1. No Shannon Hale? Or was it just not in? I'm pretty sure Aunt Sharon's checked her stuff out before...Weird!

  2. If I had known I would have brought you a stack of books to borrow!

    The time has come to speak of many things, of shoes of ships and cabbages, of sealing wax and kings.

    Jabberwoky. That's where one of my friends got her blog name- brillig

  3. Let me change that to say:

    The time has come to speak of many things, of shoes of ships of sealing wax, of cabbages and kings.

    That's what I get for talking to the kids while I am typing!

  4. I have checked tons of Shannon Hale out from the library. I highly recommend signing up online. It is so easy to reserve stuff online and then you get an email telling you when it is available. Your post actually surprised me quite a bit; I love the Logan library. I only VERY RARELY want something that they don't have and the turn around times on really popular stuff is often too fast for me to keep up.

  5. Oh, good! That's what I thought, Sharon. I know I don't frequent the library like I used to, but I always loved the Logan library. Tons of stuff, the online service is easy and so helpful! I just wish Sammy could have his own card now instead of having to wait!

  6. Sammy has to wait to get a card? Because why? Just curious.

    I love the North Logan library. Any time we've gone to the Logan one I can't find anything. But I think it's just because I'm used to NL.

    And going that long without a library card? I would DIE!

  7. Here in PG they won't let a child have a card until they are 6. 6!!! I was so disgusted when I was told. 6 people!

    They tell me it is because kids don't know how to take care of books until then, but how can you teach them if they can't have them?

  8. Yeah, Sandra, it's the same here, but 5. Poor Isaac got an earful when I found that out after getting ours...

  9. I looked up Shannon Hale on the computer, but all that came up were Newberry Award winning children's books. I took a shot in the dark and figured that wasn't the author you were referring to. What are some titles of hers? Maybe if I look them up that way . . . at least it's a little encouraging!

    And I really can't complain about the library sucking. This is, what, my tenth+ trip since February, and it's the first one where I haven't found books super easily. I'm just a little grumbly because it's also the third in a row that's yeilded little-to-no Philippa Gregory. Grrr.

    And Aunt Loretta - let's just say it's a good thing I like most of the books in my parents house . . . especially considering I have more than a few of them just about memorized by now! I liced for Christmas - since everybody got books that meant at least six new books to read - enough for a whole week!! :-)

  10. *wow, can't type. That's supposed to say I lived for Christmas . . .

  11. That video is great Lacey! Thanks for sharing. I was so excited when I got my first library card here in St. George (it was actually my 1st library card EVER). I was so stocked and Scott that I was nerdy. I'm glad I have a nerdy friend with me.

  12. Try Scott Westerfeld. I love his books.

  13. Um, those may have been it. She writes a lot of YA books (but not lame).

  14. they have this one: which is not YA

    her new one, The Actor and the Housewife, is still listed as on order, which I don't understand because it has been out for weeks-but even so, it has had a huge waiting list for months so you wouldn't get it anytime soon anyway.

    Her other stuff if YA, but very good. I liked Goose Girl and Princess Academy, but Book of a Thousand Days is my favorite.