Sunday, January 20, 2013

Once Upon - oh, Mrs. Potts is NOT Going to Like This

Previously, as far as Belle knows, nothing happened.  So let's just get on with it.

~ These previouslys are really making me hope we see Ashley soon. 

~ How did Team Charming get there so fast?

~ David looks hot, as always.

~ Nice intro/credit/whatever screen!

~ I should resent that cross pun for its obviousness, but I rather liked it.

~ Seriously, what world exactly is Frankenstein inhabiting?

~ Other than a rainy, black and white, Victorian, steampunkish one?

~ I thought Rumplilocks healed Belle's gunshot wound.  Why is she in the hospital?

~ This is way too many questions for five miniutes into the episode.  Even for this show.

~ Looks like we've finally found one thing true love's kiss can't cure.  Sucks for you, Rumplilocks.

~ Oh, Hook.  You're always cocky . . . in every possible sense of the word.

~ Computer hacking and pick-axe hacking are different.  Duly noted.  Thanks Grumpy, never would have guessed! :-)

~ Random driver saw Rumplilocks throwing magic around?  Missed that somehow.

~ Ummmm . . . where are these orders coming from Charming?  I didn't hear a consensus in that conversation.

~ Star Wars ringtone?!  I love this unidentified dying guy!  (But if it turns out he's actually Luke Skywalker I am soooooooooooooo out.  Just sayin'.)

~ Rumple von Stiltskin.  I love it.

~ I also rather love his FTL voice.

~ Holy Mary Poppins bag of gold, Rumplilocks!  I want!!

~ Just how is Rumplilocks traveling between worlds?

~ Nice dress, Cora.

~ No, Cora, I don't know what that is.  Of course.

~ Man, she's good.

~ Soooooooooooooooo apparently they used to have a rather different relationship.  I'm intrigued.

~ Okay, why exactly did Franken-whatthecrap go on the lam?

~ I love when they remember Ruby has dog powers.

~ I guess they haven't really had time to catch Emma and Snow up on what they missed, have they?

~ So the monster is his own brother?  Interesting twist . . .

~ Dude, are there any characters without parent issues on this show?

~ Holy crap, if Cora does something to Henry, I SWEAR . . .

~ How does one get a sweet hidden lair like that one Regina's got?  It's kind of friggin awesome.

~ I should've seen that one coming, shouldn't I have?  I mean, how many times has Cora pulled that trick now?

~ I may have to watch this Zero Hour show.  If only to put off getting sucked into Dr. Who.

~ Why is Franken-nutso surprised that the people where Rumplilocks is from have hearts?

~ See, even here Cora reeks of lying through her teeth.  When Regina says the same sort of things she sounds sincere.

~ Emma and Henry and the two idiots.  I should resent that on Team Charming's behalf, but I kind of love it.

~ I also love how hard Regina's still trying.  She's really not bad, she's just been tortured all her life, essentially.  (because, dude.  a mother like that? is torture.)

~ Time travel?  We're bringing in time travel now?  Not sure I'm okay with that.

~ I have to wonder if Frankencrazy knew his zombie brother would do that when he brought the guy to their father.

~ Rule #3 - DRINK!

~ Ruby's "I ate my boyfriend" line totally sounded like she was introducing herself at Werewolves Anonymous.

~ Soooooooo . . . are we seeing the potential beginning of a Ruby/Whale pairing here?  I might be okay with that one.

~ Holy crap, Cora is good.  Doesn't mean a word she's saying, no matter how much she says she means it.  But she sure knows what to say and how to say it.

~ Am I remembering wrong, or was Daniel a lot more coherent when he got brought back?

~ Or maybe it just takes time?  And we really only saw Daniel after enough time had passed?

~ So his brother got shot in the stomach, and that necessitated stitching him pretty much all over his body?  Head, hands, everything?  I know they've got a look they're going for, but can't they at least explain where it came from?

~ Sheriff not bringing her parents with her to talk to the non-dying guy . . . counts as a rule #2 since we haven't had much to go on this week.

~ Awwww, poor Chip!  Guess that's one character they won't be adding.

~ And I have officially never felt sorrier for Rumplilocks.

~ And here's hoping that they can just explain things to Belle slowly and reintroduce her to the concept of FTL and either she won't need to get her memories back or they'll come back in a more "natural magic" way.  Because you know they're coming back eventually.  It might be a season or two, but I'm pretty sure there would be rioting in the streets if they didn't.  Or at least on twitter.

~ Maybe crossing the town line coming in messes with outsider's memories?

~ Texting?  Really?  That's kind of a lame way out.

~ Wait, isn't she going to ask him anything else?  Like why he was coming into to town or something?  Nothing at all.  Emma, you suck as a sheriff.

~ Okay, so that thing is a crystal ball/globe?  And Bae is on the eastern seaboard?  Okay.


~ Well, that was to the point Rumplilocks!

~ And that's why you should've asked more questions, EMMA!

~ THREE WEEKS FROM TONIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the plus side . . . everybody loves Hurley.  I guess we'll meet back here in three weeks.

P. ost  S. cript
So I heard this piece on the radio a little while ago, and of course I immediately thought of Fantasia and it made my day in way that it hasn't been made in a while.  We really need to get this movie.  Mostly for this segment . . . although I love the rest of them too.

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