Sunday, January 13, 2013

Once Upon Girl Power!

Previously: We all discovered that we've been leaving an essential ingredient out of our lasagnas.  And if the one I made today hadn't been a chicken alfredo lasagna I totally would have put in some red pepper flakes.  Not sure that would have worked though, so . . . next time.

Anyway.  Here's hoping for a few more fifty shades of Rule #2's.

~ And that sign cut off in just the right way for me not to be able to tell if there was an E at the end.  Cruel cinematography, or an old, small tv?

~ Ummmmmmm . . . bye Smee.  We hardly knew ye.

~ Yay, it worked.  So . . . what just worked?

~ I still think Rumplilocks should have been able to cross the line no problem.  I mean, he created the curse and all.  Wouldn't that just make sense?

~ So the cricket gets a funeral but Hot Graham doesn't?  LAME!

~ IT'S BRA'TAC!!!  YAY!!!

~ Now give me some Pinocchio, dangit!

~ That's not very much potion . . .

~ Seriously thought he might pull out the dagger there for a minute.

~ Seriously, why did he only make enough potion for one test and one real thing? 

~ Dude, chug it Belle!

~ Interesting . . . Grumpy's still Dreamy.  I like.  Hope we get to see more in-between0ish flashbacks like this.

~ Oh look, an E at the end.  Note to self.

~ I'll probably have forgotten by next week.

~ Shouldn't she remember who Hook is?

~ Oh, okay, she does.  Good.

~ Yay Belle!  You go girl!

~ Is that a panic room or an elevator?  Either way, why is it so steampunk?

~ Does it occur to anyone else that calling the person the nutjob attacking you is actually after may not be the best move?  Just me?  Okay.

~ Commercial: hello Julia Stiles.  Where have you been since Mona Lisa Smile? (love that movie!)

~ Is that Gaston giving her crap about the book?  I don't remember what he looks like, but it seems so fitting.  It better be.

~ Yeah, pretty sure that's him.

~ I love your spunk Belle, but that was a bad idea on about a gazillion levels.

~ That's quite the cleavage baring outfit they've got her in.  Granted, she looks good, but is that really necessary?  Regina's outfits make sense, this is just gratuitous and out of character.  Lame.

~ Hello background Bra'tac.

~ Charming was oddly silent in that scene.  And sadly shirted.

~ Sometime around the end of this show Rumplilocks is going t learn to just shut up and let Belle come along.

~ You know, she's spending a lot of time with Rumplilocks rather shortly after saying she didn't want anything to do with him.

~ Sometimes Rumplilocks' accent makes him sound like Uncle Scrooge McDuck.  It's kind of awesome.

~ You see, this is why girls gotta stick together.  Go Team Princesses!

~ If they had done the "you're a girl" "WOMAN" line for a third time I think I would have had to make it another rule.  I like the way the did it this time.

~ Is it just me, or does Mulan look a LOT younger in these scenes?  Like, a ton younger.  Like, a decade or something.

~ Again, bye Smee.  We still hardly knew ye.

~ So the seagulls can see the ship?  How does that work?

~ I love that Belle just pulled a trick out of Indiana Jones' book.

~ Random thought while it's a commercial: I want to see a storyline where all the female characters have to team up to get something done.  Granny, Ruby, Mulan, Aurora, Snow, Emma, Belle . . . am I missing any? (oh yeah, ASHLEY AND KATHERINE WHO SERIOUSLY NEED TO COME BACK ALREADY)  How awesome would that be?  Seriously, Team Princesses ftw because half the time the guys suck.  Or are dead.  Except for Charming.

~ That was way too easy.

~ Awwww, Domestic Moments with the Charmings.  I'd watch the heck out of that show.

~ Things will get better if you take your shirt off Charming.  Your grandson might not appreciate it but Snow and I would.

~ Or you could go back to the house David and Katherine were living in.  AND EXPLAIN WHERE KATHERINE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Yeah, saw that coming.  Told you Jiminy got away to easy.

~ Mulan's hair is giving off some serious Pocahontas vibes with it down like this.

~ What's a Chinese village doing in a European(ish) Enchanted Forest?

~ Description of how Milha died counts as a Rule #4?  Your call.  It's been a rather dry night this week.

~ Dude, Belle freaking rocks.  Seriously, how awesome would it be to get all of these strong, smart innovative, princessy characters ALL actively working together at the same time?  Oh, how I want it.

~ Clever.  Go for the obvious hand pun and give it a twist.  Woot.

~ Okay, Belle's boobs outfit has gone from merely gratuitous to obnoxiously distracting.  It's just so out of character for her.

~ Didn't see that coming.  Hello . . . Prince?

~ Ummmmmmmmmm . . . PRINCE PHILIP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

~ GREAT MERCIFUL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ I love the sunburst on his coat of armor.  That's quite the cute little shout-out to Aurora.

~ commercial: So I'm kinda intrigued by this Beautiful Creatures movie.  I might have to see it just for the part where Emma Thompson has a southern accent.  Say it with me kids: trippy!

~ Fun fact: Emma Thompson has been my hero since I saw her in Much Ado About Nothing when I was in seventh grade. (twenty points if you caught the pun!)  I've also been in love with Kenneth Branagh since then too.

~ Snow just called him David.  Interesting.  I think that really is his real/original name.  Which says a lot about Regina.  A lot of good things.

~ Yay, reunions!  Too bad it wasn't August.  Or Katherine. Or Cinderella.

~ That was a very short lived "everyone thinks Regina is still evil" storyline.

~ And now we know how Philip and Mulan hooked up.  Of course, it remains to be seen if the theories that they also Hooked Up are true too . . .

~ Nice hat, Regina.

~ I'm thinking "I'll fight for him" might be RumpBelle's version of "I will always find you."  Stay tuned for Rule 1A.

~ How interesting would it have been if the potion hadn't worked the second time?

~ Okay, that was close enough.  Rule #1.  DRINK!

~ Oh . . . that wasn't good.

~ Dude, who the crap is that?

~ Pennsylvania plates . . . where could he be from?

~ YOU CAN'T JUST END IT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Okay, countdown to next week starts . . . well, last week.  Let's be honest here.

P. ost  S. cript
Yeah, I've posted this one, like, a million times already.  Or maybe just twice.  But it fits, and it's funny.  Here you go again.


  1. and every time you post that video, I feel the need to counter with this one:

    1. This one's better:

  2. Okay, funny side story. Our drama teacher does great plays. Her first year she did High School Musical Jr., then she did Seussical the Musical Jr., last year was Beauty and the Beast Jr. (see a theme with the Jr?) Any who, they do a show specially for the faculty the night before opening night. Last year right after the beast transformed into the prince, they forgot to take the tail off. It was hilarious! The poor kids were trying to hard not to laugh and as an audience we saw a human with a tail. This year I have the girl that played Belle. I tease her about it now and then. She still laughs too.