Thursday, January 24, 2013

Collaborate and Listen

So I know that talking about a !@%^&%$#@!#$%^&*&^%$#$% ing cold it is has become the cliche to end all cliches this month . . . but dude.  It's cold.  In fact, I don't remember a winter this cold since I was in elementary school.  At which point in time I was still being sent out into the elements looking like a cross between the stay-puff marshmallow ghostbuster man and that kid from A Christmas Story.  And at the moment I'm kind of wishing it would still be considered socially acceptable to go out in an ensemble that requires an hour or more to be able to actually do anything once you get where you're going. (heck, maybe it is, I'm not exactly the most precise judge at these things . . . maybe I'll try it tomorrow)

On that note, a couple of frozen thoughts:

~ Currently I am married more to a Luke-sicle than a Luke.  File under: coldest winter ever experienced in his lifetime.  We're both waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more done with January than we usually are . . . and neither of us particularly care for January to begin with.

~ I get one cold a winter and then I'm good to go.  I got my cold for this time around back in November.  So the one I have now?  So not okay.  On the one hand, yeah, it's not the flu.  On the other - it's amazing how the ability to breathe through one's nose is so under-appreciated.  As I haven't done so since Monday, I'm really appreciating it right now.  Claritin used to do wonders for clearing up the congestion but it hasn't done jack for the last three colds now.  Any suggestions?

~ The part where my car was covered with some sort of gelatinous goo last night and then frozen?  Also not okay.  Apparently there have only been, like, nine freezing rain storms around in the last forty something years.  So why couldn't these particular ice pellets have waited until we lived in Tahiti to show up?  Or at least somewhere with a garage.

~ I know that people generally ache when they're sick, but is it normal for one's gums to hurt?

~ Why doesn't my computer recognize the word gums?

~ Random question: so way back in the day TVs had to, like, warm up or whatever after you turned them on before you could see anything, right?  So was it possible that it could be so cold that the cathode ray (that was the part that warmed up, right?) just wouldn't/couldn't warm up and the TV wouldn't turn on?

~ It's too bad it's not December because right now I kind of look like this.

~ Food thaws faster in the fridge than on the counter these days.  Another thing that's not okay.

~ I'm cold.

P. ost  S. cript
Just seemed to fit.


  1. Claritin on it's own is just an antihistamine ... it may help to prevent your nose from making more snot, but it won't do anything about what's already there. Try combining it with a decongestant, like psuedoephedrine. ClaritinD is Claritin + Psuedoephedrine. Claritin typically doesn't work for my allergies, so I typically use ZyrtecD or AllegraD.

    Or, if you don't need the combination with an antihistamine, just use Sudafed (psuedoephedrine) or Sudafed PE (phenylephrine). I think the PE version should be on shelves, but the Non-PE version is non-prescription, but they still keep it behind the pharmacy counter.

    If you have access to a sauna or a steam room, the warm air can be beneficial for clearing your sinuses. No sauna? No problem ... just take a long shower, with the temp as warm as you can stand it without burning yourself.

    1. It must have been ClaritinD that I took before then . . . which makes sense. And believe me, I have exhausted our water heater's supply of hot water every morning for the last month (although before this week it was more because the temperature hasn't been a positive number since Christmas!)

    2. And by the way, our temperature hasn't been lower than 45 in ... well, a long time. Remember, you chose to leave this and go there ;)

      (that's probably mean of me, isn't it?)

    3. Dude, we haven't even seen 45* since something like November. On the making-it-a-little-less-mean side, not only have we decided to go back and try again, we're even at the point that we're starting to talk about solid dates when we'll be coming. Nothing cemented yet, but we'll be back. :-)

    4. Coming back to live, or coming back to vacation?

      (if for a vacation, do not buy tickets. At least, not until after we talk in a more private medium than Blog.)

    5. To live. And we'd never buy tickets! A lot of people have moved, but we still know plenty of people out there. :-)