Saturday, September 15, 2012

Missed That Party Boat

So a while back I made a brief, slightly cryptic-ish reference that apparently led some people to think I was going to give birth to my own nephew.  While that certainly would be rather impressive (well, not so much today I suppose as it would have been 100 years ago), I suppose the time has come to clarify.

Because if you didn't figure it out from that paragraph, my sister is pregnant.  My baby sister.  The one who still weirds me out just by being married because, dude, if I'm not old enough for that sort of thing there is no way she is old enough.  And I'm not old enough. (and now is not the time to bring up my high school reunion from last month so you can all just stop right there.)

Anyway.  It's a boy - again, I hope you'd already figured that out - and he's due in December.  Guess who else is having a baby boy in December?  Two of my cousins.  Apparently there was some sort of awesome party back in March that we weren't invited to.  :-)

So it's really weird to think about (especially the part where this is one cousin's second kid), and Luke is having such a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he's going to an uncle that he doesn't always remember the meaning of the word uncle.  And then he goes and freaks out his fifth grade teacher who came to visit us on her trip to Utah by making her think it was his sister who's pregnant.  That was an amusing thirty seconds . . .

I suppose this is the part where I start talking about how I feel all left out and stuff . . . but . . . no.  Guilt trips notwithstanding, I know the time is not right at the moment, and I'm okay with that.  (actually, the other nursery leader asked me a few weeks ago if being around the nursery kids every week was making us baby hungry and the honest answer I gave her was that it was kind of doing the opposite.  I get my fill of little kids in those 2 hours and then go home and don't have to change diapers during the week.  Win-win!)  I do sometimes feel a little awkward because I'm "supposed" to feel left out - at least, that's what popular culture around here would have me feeling.  And there's always a sense of dissonance when you know you're out of sync with your surroundings, no matter how artificial or inaccurate or even only semi-existent it is.

If I was still the girl who graduated from high school ten years ago, or maybe even the girl who graduated from college six years ago I would be feeling a lot more dissonance.  And it would definitely bother me a lot more.  It seems like this year has been all about appreciating how I've grown in recent years . . . it's kind of odd actually.  I've never noticed a theme to years in the past.  Is this one of those grown-up things they never tell you about?  Maybe once I get used to it I'll stop sounding like such a broken record when I'm blogging about it. 

Anyway.  Apparently I'm an aunt.  And that's probably not a weird thing to those of you out there who gained the title at the age of ten, or three, or fourteen, or whatever . . . but for me, it's pretty weird.  And for our hypothetical future oldest kid's sake, I'm glad they won't be the oldest grandchild (on one side at least).  That comes with a pressure all its own . . .

P. ost  S. cript
In the mood for something that makes no sense? (well . . . it makes sense to me, but I've seen all the previous episodes . . . and I know everyone in it)  Want to see my small screen debut? (well . . . unless you count the episode before this one that I was also in . . . but I only had one line.  and not counting all the other times I'm on youtube . . . )  Anyway . . . whatever.  Behold: on Friends they went to Central Perk - this is what we did.  It was free.  And awesome.  And it's the source for my current facebook profile picture.  (fun fact: you'll also get a peek at all three attractions I worked at!)


  1. So, my comment that I was about to make is somewhat negated by the fact that I misread this sentence "And for our hypothetical future oldest kid's sake, I'm glad they won't be the oldest grandchild "

    I totally read that as "I'm glad they won't be their own grandchild". And my planned response was going to be a link to the Ray Stevens song about that very scenario.

    And now that I've rambled on about my misreading skills, I'm going to post the link anyways, because that song is still funny, even though the reason for me having it in my head doesn't actually exist.

    (I think I need ice cream)

    1. I . . . have no response to that. So I shall go with this -


    2. Wow ... I managed to render Lacey speechless ... i'm kinda impressed now.