Friday, September 21, 2012

Is It May Yet?

Okay, so I don't quite mean that.  But five and a half weeks into the new school year and it's clearly going to be a looooooooooooooooooooong year.  I'm in second and fourth grade this year - mostly because pretty much all the aides are in second and fourth grade this year - mostly because the second and fourth grade classes have about five times as many kids as should be allowed in a single class that is not a university gen-ed requirement.

Well . . . that is a slight exaggeration I suppose.  But my fourth grade class started the year with 34 kids and two weeks in it was 35.  It's never quiet, and it's pretty much impossible to figure out who the whisperer is because there's just so many to choose from.  Even with three adults in the classroom when I get there in the morning.  We've come to the conclusion that this year's theme is going to be organized chaos, and it'll depend on the day whether it's more organized or more chaos. 

Anyway, it isn't all bad news.  A few little things going on so far:

~ Remember (Andrew) McKissypants?  He's in second grade now . . . and over the kissing, but not so much over the hugging.  Which is fine, because he's still such a sweet little guy, and the hugs are still quite the ego boost, and really, who couldn't benefit from two or three little-kid-hugs a day?  We did have a talk about great big second graders staying in line in the hall instead of running halfway down it for hugs though.  And we might have to have a talk about hugs from behind . . . because he's developing a habit of doing that.  Particularly when I'm sitting down.  And his hands generally end up in an area that would make my mother blush to hear about it, if you know what I mean, *wink,wink*nudge,nudge*.  So far I've just kind slid them up to my shoulders.  I guess we'll see if he keeps it up next week.

~ Second grade reading groups - reading a story about characters going on a plane.  I ask the kids where they would go if they could go anywhere in the world on a plane.  The answers were pretty typical - New York, Mexico, Australia, California . . . Blanding.  His grandparents live there, so it makes sense.  But I giggled.

~ Did I mention that second grade had 32 kids last week and got a new one this week?  Oy.

~ The fourth grade class I'm in is with the teacher who's fifth grade class I was in last year . . . and who's fourth grade class I was in the year before.  We both keep getting confused as to what exactly we're supposed to be doing sometimes.  Expecting them to know all the stuff they'll be learning this year and stuff.  It's kinda trippy.

~ New kid in fourth grade?  Totally a drama queen.  Made the year a little bit longer just by showing up.  She can be sweet, but she's one of those that you have to catch in the right mood, and her moods are the most unpredictable I've ever seen.

~ So I know some of the fourth graders from second grade a couple years ago.  How is it that the things they did in second grade were cute but now the exact same things are obnoxious?

~ Back to second grade.  (Sam) is always in a bad mood and all uncooperative when I call his group back to work with me.  And yet, ten minutes later when they're washing up for lunch he tells me he wants to come live at my house.  He accidentally called me mom once earlier this week and I went into the "do you really think you want/you don't want me to be your mom" bit I've developed that usually has kids changing their minds pretty quickly.  But he's totally still in to it, saying he'll come home and live with me.  Even after I tell him all there is to do is read big fat books.  And every day since it's been the same thing - "Miss Lacey, when are you going to take me home to your house?"  I may have to fall back on my trick-or-treating line (modified, of course) - "if you can find my house you can stay."  :-)

~ Did I ever mention that I got called grandma last year?  Totally understandable because the kid lives with his grandparents.  We both had got a laugh out of it once he stopped blushing.

Sooooooooooooooooooo . . . so far so good I guess.

P. ost  S. cript
And this is why I didn't know what to do when being charged by a buffalo.  All you have to do is look at the first frame to count about a gazillion stupid things happening.  Seriously, they had it coming.  Also: I'm 90% sure I know exactly where they are.

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