Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Excursion into Anglophilia (And Alliteration!)

In which we visit once more why Lacey thinks other countries (specifically England) are pretty freaking cool and she needs to use that passport more.  Why?  Because OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's why.  (no time stamps on this one.  it's not the same when it starts at 6:30 in the evening your time.)

~ I love "Danny Boy."

~ Hey, it's "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah" again . . . except not only is it different words than the "MoTab" version, I'm pretty sure they're also different than the ones they sang at the royal wedding.  Color me confused.

~ Hello Kenneth Branagh.  You're my hero . . . even after sitting through a three-days long Hamlet. (it's really good . . . it just doesn't end!)

~ Soooooooooooooo . . . one of the Weird Sisters from Macbeth just called forth the Industrial Revolution.  Or something.

~ Yeah, those dudes in Dickens-y fancy pants garb doing totally modern dance moves was weirdly awesome.

~ Whoa . . . they're, like, dismantling the stage . . . crazy!!!

~ The fancy pants dancers are cracking me up.  Their facial expressions are spot on snooty-like but the moves just scream "word to your mother, yo."  At least in comparison.

~ Votes for women!!  Or, to quote Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins, "though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they're rather stupid."  The Sherman brothers?  Genius.

~ I still maintain that Americans should start wearing poppies in November again.  Who's with me?

~ Les Mis type costumes and STOMP type percussion (kinda).  Oddly . . . it works.

~ Well that's a lot of Beatles.

~ I want a floofy British admiral hat.

 ~ Apparently they're pumping the smell of sulphur into the stadium.  That totally makes me think of burning Rome.

~ Olympic rings on fire?  Do we have a Hunger Games reference going on here?

~ HOLY CRAP THE FIRE RINGS ARE RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ I feel the need to clarify: the fire not raining fire.  Just normal raining.

~ Just had to close the window.  What moron mows the lawn during the Olympics Opening Ceremony? (see also: when it's still a gazillion degrees outside?)

~ Hello James Bond.  I've been looking forward to this part for ages.

~ Corgis are cute.  If we got a dog, it would be a corgi.

~ Hello Your Majesty.

~ This part must have been so fun to film.

~ Goodbye cute corgis.

~ Living Churchill statue . . . little weird, not gonna lie.

~ Cool, the Queen arrives by helicopter.



~ I feel like I should have used a "bloody" in there somewhere.

~ It's so encouraging how I can still catch about half of what they're saying in French.  So glad the French is first.

~ Why, hello Cambridges. :-)

~ Dude, go back to the signing/singing kids stupid camera people!

~ There's more than one verse to "God Save the Queen"?  Who knew?

~ You show the wedding without commercials, but you can't show the opening ceremony without commercials?  File under: you suck, tv executives.

~ Second to the right?  As in star?  I like where this is going . . .

~ Dancing nurses . . . that is not where I thought this was going . . .

~ Team Jayla just texted me that they want glowing bed sheets now.  Gotta say, I'm kinda with them on that.

~ OMG, IT'S JO ROWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ That is one creeeeeeeeeeeepy Captain Hook . . .


~ 100 foot tall Voldemort.  Great.  Merciful.  Crap.

~ That's a lot of Mary Poppins . . . 's.

~So Voldemort just pulled a Wicked Witch of the West.  Way to salute American lit there, lol.

~ And now . . . we all a jig on our glowing beds?  Count me in!

~ Giant kid on giant glowing bed . . . *blink blink* . . . creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

~ Commercials comparing football to the Olympics?  The commentators are doing a bunch better job this time around, but I do believe the battle cry this time around shall be: You suck, Tv execs.

~ That is an appropriately wild hairdo for a symphony conductor.  I approve.

~ Is that a Mr. Bean I see? :-)

~ Maybe this will make up for the lack of tree-climbing-and-kitty-saving Luke was hoping for last year.

~ Can't . . . breath . . . laughing . . . at . . . phone . . . thing . . .

~ Man, I miss being in a symphony!

~ Lol, I'd have gotten a car too.

~ Saw that ending coming. :-)

~ Meredith Viera just said, "I'm not sure what kind of musician he is, but he has pretty nice legs, I must say," about Rowan Atkinson.  Not sure how I feel about that . . .

~ Dear Pizza Hut: you sound really good right about now.  Especially your breadsticks, a.k.a. the most nostalgic tasting food known to man.  Or at least to me.

~ I'm a big fan of the internet and all (obviously) but this tribute to the internet thing . . . not as much fun as some of the other stuff.

~ On the other hand, I'm always a fan of anything that glows. (care to guess what decade I was born in, lol?)

~ Did girls really wear splash down capsules as dresses in the 60s?  You people were higher than I thought . . .

~ Random only sort of related thing: we all went in together and got mom and dad Rock Band and Beatles Rock Band for Christmas a couple of years ago.  The only time it's played is when we're all home.  Guess who doesn't play.

~ BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY FOR THE WIN!!!!! (too bad the Muppets are American)

~ Psychedelic glowing neon smiley faces.  Yay 80s!!

~ This would be the part where I register my anger and resentment about the lack of Spice Girls.  But they're performing at the closing ceremony, so it's all good.

~ Okay, those were not all British kisses. (see: Lady and the Tramp and Wall-E)  Cheaters.  Points for Will and Kate though.

~ There are people wearing checkered body suits.  Clearly, they got the short end of the costume stick.

~ Fireworks off the Tower Bridge?  Sweet!  Also - I love the rings they've had hanging from the bridge.  Awesome.

~ Hello David Beckham.  You're hot.

~ Jokes about Bob What's-his-butt jumping off the back of the boat to join them in imitation of Her Majesty Queen Helicopter Jumper?  You made it quite a ways but . . . shut up, commentators.

~ Side note since it's commercials: I used to think Bob What's-his-butt's only job was commentating the Olympics because that was the only time I ever saw him on tv.  It was kind of weird to fins out he actually, like, did stuff in between too.  We?  Are not a sports family.

~ Parade of nations!  Yay!!  And yes, I'm totally sticking around for this.

~ Interviews?  With Ryan Seacrest?  Instead of opening ceremony stuff?!  You suck, tv execs.

~ Yeah, yeah, Michael Phelps is more fish than human and needs to swim faster, blah, blah, blah.  Get back to the good stuff already.  We've heard this all before.

~ Oh, you did not just come back from commercial only for a Phelps interview and then go back to commercial.  You SUCK, tv execs!

~ Now we're talking.  I like to see how many flags I can recognize without help. :-)

~ Yeah, totally only know Afghanistan because they're alphabetically first.

~ Those are some really funky country name signs/headresses they're using.

~ Hello shirtless Samoans. :-)

~ I would totally be one of those athletes carrying my camera and recording the whole thing.  And I would sooooooooooooooooo love to see some of that video on youtube.

~ Just got a close up of the outfits the country-name-headdress-bearers are wearing.  I get the idea behind them . . . but holy crap, those poor unfortunate souls are by far the ones who lost the costume Olympics.  By far.

~ Yay Australia!  Send me a kangaroo steak! (those are seriously tasty)

~ It's really sad that a bunch of them can't march in the parade because they have early events the next day.  They should do something about that . . . make the ceremony a day before events start instead of the night before or something.  I would not want to have to skip that.

~ Really like the Belgian girls' outfits.

~ Belize.  I giggled.  Thanks Katie. ;-)

~ Bhutan!  I am totally falling in love with that country - so pretty and fascinating.  And did you see pictures from the other royal wedding last year (well, one of them)?  GORGEOUS! Bride, and national dress.

~ I certainly recognize Brazil's flag.  And I'm pretty sure I've seen much larger groups of Brazilians.  I'm twitching just thinking about it.

~ Brewn-eye.  So that's how you say it.

~ We're cheering aboot Canada, eh?  Or is it aboat Canada . . . eh? :-)

~ Love their jackets.

~ It's Cape "Verd"?  Not "Vair-day"?

~ Czech Republic team wearing bright blue wellies.  I love it!

~ Kim Jong-Il jokes?  Seriously?  Shut up Bob What's-your-butt.

~ Can I just go on record as saying Djibouti is just plain fun to say?

~ "Staying Alive" for background music?  I love England!  And clearly the Finns do too - but I'm guessing that's just because they get some of the most awesome walk-in music ever.

~ VIVE LA FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ I wonder how many people get confused when Georgia marches in . . .

~ Holy nursery colors, Germany!  Is this the day care Olympics?

~ I have a friend who knows the flag bearer from Grenada.  That's, like, two degrees of Kevin Bacon from me to the Olympics.

~ Okay, the visa or whatever commercial where they act like the London games took place, like a year ago or something has been playing for, like, six months.  And driving me nuts from day one.  Seriously, referring to an event that takes place in the future using the past tense?  Epic.  Fail.

~ Are those Panama hats team Hong Kong is wearing?  Shouldn't they be wearing Hong Kong hats?

~ Independent Olympic Athletes?  Is this a new thing? They're totally having the best time though - that is the way to march in this parade!

~ India!  I want a sari . . . so pretty . . . and also the hair of an Indian girl.

~ Am I allowed to say hijabs can also be really pretty?  Because some of these ones totally are.

~ Jamaica + Olympics = Lacey thinks Cool Runnings.

~ Kiribati is pronounced Kiribas?  Never would have gotten that.

~ Did you really have to mention the movies when Madagascar came in?  Seriously?  Shut up, commentators.

~ Fun fact in case you missed it: one of the Malaysian shooters is, like, 34 weeks pregnant or somewhere like that and even if she doesn't win she'll set the record for most pregnant Olympian ever.

~ And Mexico has one of the most epic wins in the team uniform department . . .

~ Nauru?  There's one I haven't heard of . . .

~ What are those flowers team Netherlands is wearing?

~ Kia Ora, New Zealand!  And . . . that's all the Maori I know.  And now I want some kiwi.  Fruit, not bird.  Or people.  But kiwi birds are really cute.

~ Team Oman looks like Christmas carolers.

~ The Philippines flag is getting all twisted around the pole.  Now the color guard girl in me is twitching.

~ In Soviet Russia, camera shows you . . . not the politicians, stupid cameraman.  No one cares, go back to the people we want to see.

~ It's Nee-vis?  Not Neh-vis?  The things you learn when you finally hear things said out loud.

~ Dear Samoa: you should have followed the example of American Samoa and had the guys go shirtless.

~ Dear Senegal: that is a very bright shade of yellow.  I love it.

~ Seriously, African and Caribbean countries have the best national costumes.  LOVE the bright colors!

~ Hello again, Cambridges.You are obviously not from Seychelles . . . but that's okay. :-)

~ One of the Solomon Islands dude is rocking the most fabulous blue and yellow goatee I've ever seen.  Also the only blue and yellow goatee I've ever seen.

~ Spain looks a little like a walking McDonald's commercial . . . but I love the girls' flowered headbands.

~ Sri Lanka makes beige look good . . .

~ It totally won't happen, but I want "Dancing Queen" to play when Sweden marches in a second.

~ At this point it occurs to me that Team USA is probably really glad that U comes at the end of the alphabet so they don't have to stand there the whole times everyone else is marching in.  Poor Greece.

~ Dear Tonga: too many white guys, not enough shirtless guys.  Points for the lava lavas though.

~ Holy crap Turkey's flag bearer is GORGEOUS!

~ Wide shot of all the countries who've already come in.  I wonder if they're as squished together as they look.


~ 529 people . . . compared to one for some countries.  Crazy.

~ Not a fan of those hats . . .

~ Okay, let's move on now.  There have been, like, three more countries coming in.  How self-centered can you get? (oh the things one could answer to that . . . )

~ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Zambia.  MAde it through the alphabet kids. :-)


~ You know, I didn't notice it before but I think the crowd in the stadium was getting bored.  I noticed because they just woke up, lol.

~ Holy Glitter Girl flashbacks, Ashli!

~ All those flags on the hill?  Awesome.

~ So apparently that was a record short time for the parade of nations.  I wouldn't say it felt shorter, but the music was so upbeat it's only natural that people walked faster.  Take note, Sochi and Rio!

~ Wait, wait, waitGrimm comes back as soon as the Olympics are over, but Once Upon a Time doesn't come back until the end of September?!?!  YOU SUCK TV EXECS!

~ Glow in the dark butterflies . . . I approve.

~ "Dove of peace on a bicycle rising into the air" . . . yeah, I just see ET.

~ And now we're to the speechifying.  Yawn.

~ Hello Your Majesty.  Would you do us the favor of jumping out of a freaking helicopter again?

~ One supposes fireworks will do.

~ Dude, that hill of flags is seriously AMAZING.

~ Hello again David Beckhot.

~ How awkward would it be if one of these torches went out for some reason?

~ I feel guilty for not knowing The Tempest since there's been all these references to it tonight.

~ That's a lot of torches.  I like where they're going with this.  I loved how Vancouver did it.  Too bad about the malfunction.

~ Now that is lovely . . . it's like - holy floating lights!  This is so cool!

~ Yeah, I totally just forgot what I was about to say.

~ City full of fireworks.  That's my kind of thing.

~ I love the audience as LED screen thing.  It's even better than the wave.  And the wave is pretty sweet to begin with.

~ What do want to bet that a buncha people would have quit watching hours ago except they put Paul McCartney at the end?

~ World's biggest sing along.  Is there anyone who doesn't know the words to "Hey Jude"?

~ Also, I'm pretty sure the only song in the world that is more endless is the song that doesn't end.  I mean, you can just keep going with the na-na-nas pretty much as long as you want, you know?  For. Ev. Er.

~ It's over!

Well.  That was awesome.  Beijing was stunning, and I think we all know that it will never be topped.  But this was just plain fun.  And shall always be remembered as the Olympics where the Queen of England jumped out of a helicopter.  So.  Cool.

So . . . yeah.  Basically our TV will not be turning off for the next couple of weeks.  Like, at all.  I shall get my fill and then not watch another sporting event for two years.  As they shall be saying, see you in Sochi. 

P. ost  S. cript
Just a daughter's daughter adoring the awesome.


  1. Replies
    1. I think you might be the only person who even read that far . . .

  2. Okay, so I stopped reading when I stopped watching (after Mr. Bean). But huge giant baby head...bad idea choreographers/planning people...bad idea.

    1. You saw all the best stuff. :-)

  3. 1. To me, watching the opening ceremony was kinda like watching the Super Bowl halftime show ... enough pre-show, let's just get to the parade of nations and Sir Paul McCartney.

    2. How awesome would it have been to see Sir Paul playing alongside Sir Elton?

    3. Pretty sure the Queen didn't actually jump out of that helicopter

    4. I was waiting for Daniel Craig to rappel from the helicopter into the stadium

    5. Could the Queen have looked any more bitter?

    1. 1. And just what do you have against Mary Poppins?

      2. That? Would have rocked.

      3. Yeah, it was a dude in a dress and a wig. Do you also tell kids that Mickey is a girl in a costume? ;-)

      4. Right?

      5. I think she was just tired. It's been a really busy summer for the Royal Family, and she *is*, like, 80-something. I saw some pictures of her watching swimming Saturday morning and she looked much more chipper. But the angry/disgruntled Queen meme? Awesome.

  4. 1. Mary Poppins is great, but, just like Tigger, there's only one. And, as I recall, she never battled a 40 foot tall Voldemort that looked only vaguely Voldemort-ish. It's kinda like the random Pocohantas scene in Fantasmic ... Just becuase you CAN find a way to combine things doesn't mean you SHOULD.

    3. I think Meredith Viera thought it actually was the queen skydiving.

    6. NBC's Olympic coverage, on the whole, sucks. Watching them, one would think that Swimming, Diving and Gymnastics are the only sports at the Olympics. With an occasional volleyball match thrown in. ENOUGH WITH THE SWIMMING ALREADY! I think Michael-Ryan Lochte-Phelps is overrated, arrogant, and overdone. Give us someone new, please. And, as if the tape delay wasn't bad enough, don't show a trailer for tomorrow's Today Show and mention that one of the guests is the person who won the gold medal in the race YOU'RE ABOUT TO SHOW!

    1. In their defense, NBC has something like four channels and between them everything is getting broadcast. On the other hand, we only get one of those channels so we won't see any of the fencing or ping pong or horse dancing and that kind of sucks. On the one foot, they've shown/will show all the gymnastics on the main network so I'm not missing any of the one sport I really want to see. On the other foot I'm really done with swimming. But on the one toe track hasn't started yet and I imagine we'll see a lot less swimming once the running and the throwing starts. On another toe they've shown water polo on the main network every freaking day and I'm like, seriously? Of all the more obscure sports you pick water polo to essentially showcase? Couldn't you at least put something different in that slot each day? Water polo is not very interesting.

      Also - spoiling their own delayed footage of a race is really lame . . . but what's really unforgivable is replacing a tribute to the London terrorist bombing victims in the opening ceremony with Ryan Stupidcrest interviewing Michael Dolphin and then using the excuse that "we tailor our broadcast to an American audience." Not okay.