Saturday, May 22, 2010


So. It's been a week since the most epic birthday ever. How's it been? Kind of awesome, kinda craptastic.

In the pro column:

~ No more noise from the ceiling. That means:
~A) NO wrestling matches
~B) NO American Idol rejects on repeat
~C) NO marathon sessions of Rock Band at midnight
~C1) NO "Hotel California" being replayed 10+ times in a row. Seriously guys, great song and all, but if you haven't mastered it by now . . . you're not gonna . . . .
~D) NO one rummaging through the kitchen that's right above our bedroom slamming drawers and stuff . . . at 1:00 n the morning
(full disclosure - the screeching girl and her squatter boyfriend moved out in December, so we've been enjoying that one for a while now. But I'm still celebrating. Also, everyone in both apartments were completely new neighbors for us, so I really don't know what they would have been like. All I know is that now they can do all this ^ somewhere else. Hooray!)

~ We are not paying rent in June. And probably not July. And likely not August. And possibly not even September . . . although that one's kinda pushing it.

~ Dude, we (well, Luke) were on TV!!! That's always cool. Also - I was the most popular person at church Sunday for, like, five whole minutes. I'll take what I can get, who doesn't love being popular? :-P

~ Really glad that if the whole thing had to happen it happened last week when the weather was clear instead of last night when it was a steady, heavy drizzle or more all night. Even though I could have grabbed a jacket on my way out and would have put my shoes on before going outside instead of after . . . holy even more unpleasant than it was!!

~ All our stuff is fine. Still a little blown away by that. Yay!

~ A week ago I was tolerably certain we had four places close by we could go in an emergency. It's so nice to have assumptions like that validated. :-) (Well, three of them at least. One didn't get verified But Smithfield's the automatic fourth choice anyway just because of distance, and what are the odds we'd have to go that far down the list, lol?)

And in the con column:

~ Holy crap, it's been busy! We already had a big list of things needing done from the damage reports everyone submitted after they moved in last Monday, but it's hardly even been touched because everyone and their dog keeps coming to go through upstairs. There was the insurance guy, and the state something or other inspector, and some guy from Albuquerque who goes all over the country investigating fires, and the contractor who's going to be doing the work when the investigation is done, and the subcontractors he's working with . . . and of course they all need (or just want to here) Luke's story since he's the only witness. So basically he hasn't had more than an hour or two of free time a day all week. Good times. And then there's the morons who used to live up there. Last Sunday night they decided it would be cool or funny or something to hold a party up there and give tours. So it's 10:00 at night and they're slamming doors and stomping around and laughing and girls are squealing, and it goes on for at least half an hour and I'm ignoring it because I'm so used to it . . . then it slowly dawns on me . . . wait a minute . . . no ones supposed to be up there . . . ah crap. So then Luke gets home from work and he reminds them they're only allowed in to get their stuff out, and they're like "oh, we're just giving tours, it's okay, we have a flashlight!" Ummmmmmmm . . . did it not occur to you to at least pretend you were doing the one thing you're allowed to do in there? Clearly you expected to get called out on it as you waited until it was dark to have your fun. Seriously? I'll admit, I did some silly/stupid things in college, but partying in a condemned apartment was not one of them.

~ Because of the massive amounts of work - a lot of it being giving statements to various investigators - Luke's had to call in three days in the past week . . . on top of his days off! So - our camping trip to Yellowstone next month? Canceled, as all his time off is gone. Grrrrr. I guess this just isn't our summer for trips - Yellowstone was actually a replacement for another canceled trip. Okay then, one more boring summer of not leaving Logan, and we'll try again next year.

~ I may have mentioned once or twice that there is a large hole in the rooftop above us. And it's been raining all week. Good times. There's a tarp up there, but I'm totally paranoid that each little drip I hear is the one that's going to bring the completely saturated floor/ceiling above me crashing down. As Ashli has had a ceiling fall on her before, she's totally not allowed in the apartment until the roof is fixed, lol. (BTW, Ashli . . . yeah. You're totally not allowed. In case you're jinxed or something.) I kid, I kid . . . mostly . . .

~ Speaking of paranoia, it's fading more rapidly than I expected, but we've both been a little jittery about both of us being gone at the same time. Because (at least according to Murphy's Law) if we do that, the whole building will explode or something. Last Saturday was really bad because we both wanted to just get out (especially Luke) and we needed to get batteries because when Luke did his check on Tuesday he discovered that some of the smoke detectors didn't have any. Sure, that needed rectified, but it wasn't a big deal . . . until, you know, four days later. So we built up all the guts we could and treated ourselves to Taco Bell and bought some batteries at Walmart and were probably only gone for an hour or so but I for one was totally certain our apartment would not be here when we got back. Good thing our schedules and my total lack of a life means one of us is here all day minus just an hour or two. Another week though, and we'll be fine.

So . . . yeah. Good times have been had by all. And hopefully more relaxing good times are to come.

P. ost S. cript

They just don't make cartoons as totally awesome as they used to. This is a long one, but it's totally worth it to watch to the end. Ahhh, the memories.

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