Thursday, November 12, 2009

And That Answers THAT Question!

The good news: I probably don't have throat cancer.

The bad news: I'm officially sick. With a little bit of everything.

So I'm working at Millville Tuesday, and other than the sore throat - which wasn't going away this time - feeling fine.Then I go home, and within a few hours I'm feeling like crap. Sore throat, congested, chills, achy, headache, and even an upset stomach. (lesson I probably learned: don't eat large plates of nachos on a mostly empty stomach when you're probably getting sick. It probably didn't help.)

Once I puked up the nachos I felt substantially better, but still a little hallucinatory. Sadly, I was supposed to be working all week at Millville for the same person, but had to give it up yesterday, 'cause it just wasn't gonna happen . . . I still felt significantly crappy. And today I'm still feeling somewhat crappy. Grrrrrr. And today is Luke's birthday - and Tuesday was the anniversary of our first date. How's that for timing. Blargh!!! I'm just glad book club was last week instead of tonight!

On that note, can I just say that Luke is awesome. Yesterday was his day off, and he spent the whole day taking care of my. Seriously, he probably would have even fed me if I'd asked him to. :-) He rented chick flicks (well . . . one . . . and Star Wars!!!!!) for me, and made me laugh and just did everything right . . . even forcing me to down cold medication because I absolutely hate taking medicine and wouldn't have if he hadn't been standing over me saying we couldn't watch Revenge of the Sith until I choked the things down. And seriously, how sweet is that?! (I'll save you the gushing, just go ahead and insert your own version of "I'm so lucky, my husband is the best" here.)

So for those of you who were worrying (and I know that's everybody, lol!), I'm not dying. It's all good. The sore throat is even gone . . .my heads's just kind of a little fuzzy. And I'm off to bake a cake. But if it seems like we're avoiding you in the near future, know that the throat cancer came back with a vengence!

P. ost S. cript
This isprobably the only way Luke could have made my yesterday better.


  1. Yeah, I loved Legends of the Hidden Temple. I really wanted to be on that show.

    We should get together and watch all of the good ol' shows!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry, but glad you are going to live.

    Collodial silver- 1-2 tsp a day. For ever. It works.

  3. What on earth is collodial silver?