Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Never Ends!

Remember this girl? She's still up there. The good news: she's stopped singing, mostly. The bad news: she's still up there.

For a couple of months now we (meaning me, Luke, and our landlord Stacy) have suspected that our little Idina Menzel-wannabe has had her boyfriend living with her. Stacy asked us to keep an eye out when she noticed that this guy was here pretty much every time she came up here, which is not often, but often enough. Sure enough, after she pointed out his car to us, we noticed it - literally - never leaves the parking lot. Now that we've switched over to permit parking (and seriously, what the crap is the deal with the lack of parking around campus?! Dude!! It's insane!!!) it's been parked in the parking lot of Aspen Grove, the reception hall right next door that we've (meaning just Luke and me this time) only seen used once since Luke moved in back in February. And the car never leaves. Seriously . . . what's the point of having a car if you don't use it?

Then last week Luke was checking the wired internet connections in each apartment to figure out which ones work and which don't . . . and when he goes upstairs, guess who answers the door? The boyfriend. Who says that the chick isn't there, and he's just dropping something off for her. Except Luke obviously woke him up. Ummmmmmm . . . two words: awkward! And . . . busted!

Now, normally, I wouldn't care about what living arrangements they've got going upstairs. The rest of the complex would probably be horrified and scandalized if they knew, but . . . whatever. But there are two things that make me care a lot, and I can only hope Stacy can collect enough proof to evict the chick.

1 - they seem to enjoy wrestling. Or something else that allows lots of stomping/crashing/pounding on the floor/our ceiling. Especially late at night. Annoying.

2 - he sings. Worse than she does. Thankfully, not as loud, but I think that actually makes the out-of-tune-ness worse.


P. ost S. cript
You know, if he could do this, all just might be forgiven. :-)

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  1. That so sucks that she's still living there. It's good to know that the landlord is on your side. Our first place was a basement apartment where we couldn't have pets because her grandkids were allergic. She got a dog shortly after we moved in. This dog howl and bark everytime they left. We told her and she said "oh just shout up the stairs for her to shut up." Yeah that never worked, but she was a sweet old lady and we actually loved it there.