Friday, October 30, 2009

Honey, I Shrunk the Halloween Bags!

So I remembered something a couple of days ago that I hadn't thought about in years. Before Rian was born we girls acquired some really cute trick or treat bags I scarcely remember them . . . but they were a nighttime scene with cutesy little pumpkins and I think black cats and bats on them. I loved it. Our names were written on the bottom, and every year we had to make sure that we each had the right bag - Ashli especially threw a fit if she wasn't carrying her bag.

The thing I remember most is how small they were. Seriously, tiny. Maybe five inches tall. 5 by 3 by 2, or something like that, I'd guess. But when we first got them they seemed huge. And then they would get packed away on November first . . . and when we got them out the next year they always seemed smaller than I remembered. Mom never believed me when I told her they'd shrank in the garage in the heat. :-)

Rian got to start using my bag when I turned 12. I wasn't allowed to go trick or treating anymore. Mom said I was too old . . . LAME!!! I still think that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. How else is a 12-year-old supposed to have fun on Halloween?! There weren't any parties for me to go to - all my friends were trick or treating. And even if there had been a party I wouldn't have been allowed to go. And everybody knows that only the losers stay home and pass out candy . . . my social life, if I'd had one, would have been so over. As it was I spent the whole night praying no one I knew would come to our door. And then I lost even the candy handing out "privilege" when it was discovered that I was giving out two pieces of candy instead of one. The horror!!

You know, I'm pretty sure Mom made up the trick or treating age limit because she hates Halloween. No enthusiasm for the holiday at all. So sad.

Anyway . . . yeah. The bag. It was so cute, but so tiny. It probably would have been more humiliating to go trick or treating with that bag than to be caught handing out treats, which is saying something!! :-) I'd love to use it now to decorate though . . . but I doubt Mom even still has it. Probabl got tossed the second Rian got back after his last year trick or treating. Again, so sad. :-(

Wanna see something scary? Just in time for Halloween . . . eeeeekkk!!! I think I'm glad I'm not a kid at Halloween these days!! So very, very wrong.

Anyway, I'm done rambling. Just some remembrances of Ghosts of Halloween Past. :-)

P. ost S. cript
Is there anything more awesome than pumpkin launching? This time of year, my answer is no. So here's a flaming pumpkin . . . because you can't really see the non-flaming pumpkins.


  1. Your mom doesn't like Halloween? Huh.

  2. Is that sarcasm? I can't tell . . . anyway, in case it's not - she loves the cutesy decorations but she doesn't like the actual holiday. Always hated getting us dressed up and taking us out trick or treating, and never tried to hide it. Which probably influenced how much I like Halloween . . .

  3. No. Not sarcasm. I don't actually know anyone who hates Halloween...

  4. Your poor Mother, I feel sorry for her. Love Grandma

  5. We deliberately got home from Albuquerque late last night just to miss the trick or treaters. I am not a fan of halloween either, so guess that's where your mom got it. Love Grandpa

  6. I'm not a big Halloween fan either. I do like the dressing up and love the ward/neighborhood party and love that we can go and be done with the trick or treating in 20 minutes and then spend the rest of the evening hanging out on the closed off street with friends and then when we go home no one comes to our house.

    And I do like the cutesy decorations- not the creepy scary ones.

    And with the ward/neighborhood party? No arbitrary age limits on the trick or treating, the kids have a party to go to and it is a win/win.

    And if I was your mom? You would still have your bag packed in the decoration box.