Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good News Minute

This is shaping up to be a great week!!

1~ I got a call yesterday to sub today at Millville - score! (side note - these kids were much more fun than the other kids I've had at Millville . . . hmmmmmmmm . . . ) Whilst I was subbing today I got a text from Aunt Loretta asking me to sub Thursday at North Park - score again!! I've had this Friday scheduled at Millville since three weeks ago - triple score!!! And just now the lady I subbed for today called and asked me to sub for her again tomorrow - HOME FREAKING RUN!!!! This is quite possibly the makings of the larges paycheck I've had in almost a year . . . yay!!

2~ Yesterday Luke got to set a permanent schedule . . . yay!! He now works four ten hour days and has three days off - which is a pretty cushy gig, I gotta say. I had that schedule for a while at Disney, and it kind of rocked. Like, super rocked. 4-10s are the best!! And he has set days off now, which is abso-freaking-lutely awesome. He's off Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So no Friday ir Saturday night dinners out, but it's not like you can go anywhere in Logan on those nights anyway unless you make reservations ages in advance or something. We know - we've tried a couple of times. Seriously, does EVERYONE in Cache Valley go out to eat every Friday and Saturday night?! It sure seems like it . . .

Best part - Sundays off!!! It's great, because Luke's only been to church twice since August when the schedule changed. I gotta say, that was the weirdest thing. Apparently the student wards around here change times with the school year instead of the calender year, which makes sense . . . I guess. Sort of. I guess it's just weird to me because I haven't been in a ward that changed times in seven years. The student wards in Cedar don't change. And it would have caused nightmares on about a million levels if our ward in Florida had changed times.

Anyway. I'm so glad, because it's really lonely going to a married student ward by yourself. It's even worse than sitting by yourself in a singles' ward . . . and I'd done that . . . well, for more or less seven years. And it's probably totally my imagination, beause everybody at church is pretty much great, but I haven't been able to help feeling a little bit judged and condemned when I'm there alone. It's like when they say "oh, that's too bad that he has to work on Sunday," you can almost hear the rest of the sentence - "you two just must not be praying hard enough or something. If were more righteous like all of us you would have a job with Sundays off." You know? I'm sure it's my imagination . . . being fed by the knowledge that there really are people out there who would really think that, and maybe even say it out loud. I hate people like that with a passion.

Aaaaaanyway, moving on from the downer-type stuff - did you know amazon.com is doing this amazing ten-week sweepstakes thing to celebrate ten years of having the wish list feature? Too cool. This week they're giving away TONS of awesome kitchen stuff - new appliances, Paula Deen and Mario Battali cookware, a huge pyrex set . . . this is one sweet giveaway! And this is only week two (so sad that I missed week one!), which means there's tons more aweseom prizes coming. Check it out - you gotta enter. Although if you win I ust might have to hate you forever because holy crap, I want some of that stuff!! But if I win and you ask reeeeeeeeeally nicely I just might give you the fridge or stove or dishwasher. Since there's no way I'm putting them in this apartment and leaving them here when we leave (whenever that is) and we have no place to store them.

Addendum: Okay, so I just looked, and week 1's prize was a bunch of crap from the crappy Twilight movies. I'm not so sad I missed it anymore. But there's some cool stuff coming up!!

P. ost S. cript
Have you seen this yet?! I'm not the Jon Schmidt junkie that Ashli is, but this? Pretty fantabulous.

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  1. He also wrote another one called "Love Story Meets Love Story" which is also very awesome. He only did that because he can't get a hold of Cold Play to get the rights to use the song. But when I went to his concert last month, he still played it for us. :)