Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Having a Thought Here . . .

Today? Is just a random day.

1. Keeping kids quiet in church: you gotta do what you gotta do. Ten year old on an ipad: you've done something wrong.

Is this just a "because I don't have kids" thing, or am I right in this thinking? I mean, a ten year old should know how to be quiet and at least pretend like he's paying attention, right?

2. Spending several days not leaving the house and playing excessive amounts of Mario Kart leads to taking turns just a *smidge* to fast when you finally get back into a car. But only a tiny bit. And only that first turn. At least of you're me.

3. Another foray into bread making this weekend - one loaf came out lovely and smooth. The other came out tasty but all fall-apart-y. Color me confused.

4. So . . . it's going to be a one-day-of-snow-each-month kind of winter? Okay then . . .

5. Teacher: Go sit by Miss Lacey so she can keep you on task.

*kid wanders over to table where Lacey sits*

Lacey: Where's the paper you're working on?

*kid wanders back to desk for worksheet, eventually returning*

Lacey: How are you going to work without a pencil?

*kid wanders back again, eventually returning*

Lacey: And you wonder why you don't understand anything.

(okay, that was just mental. but that's what you were thinking too, so it's okay.)

6. 5th graders are learning how to use reference books. With worksheets that ask questions that require using that day's reference book to answer.

"Miss Lacey, we need help! How many gold medals did the US win during the 2002 Winter Olympics?" (reading from the worksheet verbatim, in case you couldn't tell)

"I don't remember, that was ten years ago."

"Well, can't you just google it? Mr. Cox won't let us do that."

This kid's response to anything he doesn't want to do is that he doesn't need to know how to do it, he'll just google anything he needs to know. I have yet to come up with a good response, seeing as it's technically true. I use a calculator to make the keys to their worksheets, and they'll do the same thing when they're adults. Of course, I can do it without a calculator . . . but the old excuse that my teachers used - that you're not always going to have a calculator/dictionary/encyclopedia readily available has kind of been blown out of the water with the whole smart phone thing. I carry a calculator in my pocket every friggin' day - once upon a time that sort of thing belonged solely to nerds of the pocket protector variety! The only answer I've been able to come up with so far is "what if the power goes out and you can't get on the internet?" which sounds rather silly even to me. Any suggestions?

7. Speaking of, my phone randomly went on the fritz Friday afternoon. I was hoping it could be fixed because it was a really great phone. Alas, it was not to be. On the plus side, the new phone I got today is the next generation of my old one, so it's almost identical.


That means that half the stuff I've been doing to set it up have been a breeze. But as far as everything else goes, it's all in slightly the wrong place. I've had this phone for about 3 hours and the entire time I've been alternating between raving about how it's the best phone ever and wanting to throw it against the wall. allow me to apologize in advance for any accidental phone calls or blank texts in the next few days.

The really surprising thing was that it was only twenty bucks. Even a low-end smart phone is only $30! Next upgrade I think I'll be ready to dive into that can of worms. Unless someone's created a metaphor mangling app. Then I might have to take this one back and get the smart phone today, lol. I do love me some mixed metaphors. :-)

8. Again, speaking of (sort of) you're always hearing about how companies don't make anything to last any more, you know? I've always realized it was true, but this whole phone thing has really brought it to life for me. I had my first phone for five years and only replaced it because it was starting to physically fall apart - it still functioned as a phone just fine. This one lasted less than three, and the guy at the store could offer no explanation as to why it just randomly quit, and no other attempts at solutions beyond the ones I found myself . . . by googling. (aaaaaaaaaand full circle!)

9. Taking suggestions for personalized ring tones for people. Except my parents. They get Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody. And anyone I know from Florida will have to make a better suggestion than Skipper Dan.

10. No ideas for NaNoWriMo yet. I can't decide if I should start worrying now or wait until October, lol.

11. Sort of related to other randoms - totally counting down to the Olympics in July. If by counting down you mean "super excited for but couldn't actually tell you how many days are left until the opening ceremony." But still. Every two years I get excited about sports, lol. Couldn't care less the rest of the time, but when it comes to the Games I am an absolute geek. Don't believe me? I can tell you where the Olympics will be held for the rest of the decade . . . and they haven't been awarded to any cities beyond that.

P. ost S. cript
This might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen . . . but also the funniest.


  1. First, as silly as that video was it really did make me laugh.

    1. 10 year olds really should be able to sit still. Or at least get along with an ordinary piece of paper to doodle on like the rest of us.

    6. *If a computer told you to jump off a cliff would you! *what if you lived in a third-world country? *what if you get stranded on a dessert island with no connection? *What would Tom Hanks do? *are you smarter than a keyboard? *kids these days! when I was your age we had to look things up in a library!

    That's all I got. The end.

    1. 1. Right?!

      2. I shall definitely have to use those! :-)

  2. 9. The Toomey Show theme song. (Unfortunately, I don't know of any recording that exists of this one.) Failing that ... "It's Your Thing" (aka The Orlando Show theme song). (on a semi-related note, other than Luke, how many Disney friends do you still call or text with on a regular basis?)

    1. I suppose that depends on how you define regular. It's probably more of a "from time to time" thing.