Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Different Kind of Live Blogging

Or: That Awkward Moment When . . .

So. Our landlord is in our kitchen as we speak replacing our garbage disposal. I'm never sure what the etiquette or whatever is for this sort of thing. Should I make conversation? Small talk about the weather? Or would that be too distracting? Sitting here in silence just feels awkward, but what the crap am I supposed to say? We've only seen this guy a handful of times since we moved in almost a year ago, it's not like we're pals who hang out all the time and have tons to chat about. It's even worse when they're doing something in the bathroom, like patching up the bathtub faucet leak a couple of weeks ago. Do you stay there? Keep them company? But what if you look like you don't trust them to not rummage around in the cabinet? And again, what would you say?

Instead - I'm blogging. Because the sound of typing makes it seem like I'm doing something more important and useful and productive than just wasting time on pinterest of giggling over lolcats or something. Which . . . let's be honest, is what we all know I spend a lot of my time doing. It's also kind of pathetic because I'm pretty sure if he took two seconds to think about it he could easily guess what's going on over here - heck, what's stopping me from just having the computer open but nothing running and just typing in order to make it sound like I'm doing something even if no actual words are appearing anywhere? I have never once seen this guy without his bluetooth hooked to his ear so I get the feeling he's rather familiar with concept of digital avoidance devices, lol.

On that note (sort of) can I just say that I miss the sound of old school keyboards? you know, the ones with the ginormous spring-loaded keys that made a clacking sound that must have registered several gazillion decibels? Compared to modern keyboards, anyway. I'm a huge fan of the sound of a typewriter, but I'm not quite old enough for it to have that same sort of pleasant nostalgia for me. While one of my best childhood memories of going to Grandma's house in New Mexico was the time I got to try out typing on theirs and how it was SO COOL that the thingy-thing actually went back and forth just like in the movies . . . well, it is a sound that belongs in the movies for me. Instantly recognizable, but I visualize watching a black and white movie rather than the self-important way I would sometimes type up my book reports back in the day when most of my friends didn't even have computers at home.

(see also: those awesome printers that had the paper with the holes on the sides that you tore off and that was how it got threaded through the printer. they sounded cool too.)

But seriously, those old keyboards, where you actually had to push the keys instead of just sneezing on them . . . they were cool. It didn't matter what sort of stupid thing you were doing - it sounded important and official and that was what mattered.

You know . . . the older I get the more I realize just how much of a NERD I was when I was a kid. And you know we're talking about some epic nerdular nerdence because how often do I mess with text sizes around here? Seriously . . . sometimes I look back and I'm a little surprised I didn't wear pocket protectors.

But back to the sound thing. Ummmmm . . . it was a really cool. And I wish modern keyboards still did that.

Okay, bad news: I'm running dry on anything to say.

Good news: disposal is fixed, yay!! So I don't need to pretend to be useful anymore.

On that note, peace out, and all that jazz.

P. ost S. cript
Well, clearly we screwed up on Monday. I need two iphones so I can entertain myself like this!

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