Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Random Thought Day

Talk about finding a way to make money from nothing. I mean, I'd buy it! :-)

~ Shopping today. Christmas stuff = front and center. Halloween stuff = tucked back in a corner behind the Christmas stuff . . . and on clearance. Clearly someone at Shopko (and KMart) dropped their calender and should have enlisted the help of a kindergartner in reorganizing it.

~ Claire's has these. And this (just not online . . . frustrating because they didn't have my size in the store . . . grrrrrrrr). Come on, payday!!

~ I know exactly which of you are thinking exactly what. Save your intervention for the people who buy things like these. (that may have been the most . . . interesting . . . google search I've ever done.)

~ Super random thought of the day: I would get a kick out of the irony in someone wearing a CTR belly button ring.

~ 5-year-old boy has a crush on you? Freaking adorable. 10-year-old boy has a crush on you? More on the "awkward" end of the scale. Multiple 10-year-old boys have a crush on you? It's gonna be an . . . interesting . . . year. I'd like to think I'm just flattering myself, but when there's a line of boys waiting for you to check their work and they'd rather wait than have their male teacher check it instead . . . well, I guess we'll see, won't we?

~ Being in nursery = fun. Luke's loving the snack time. I'm loving watching his slightly bewildered interactions with the kids. He's pretty popular with them, which makes for good entertainment for the rest of us adults. :-)

~ Holy crap, how is it the end of September already?! Wasn't it only April, like, yesterday? Maybe that's why all the store merchandise putter-outer-people are confused.

P. ost S cript
Pretty sure I've posted it before, but a friend of mine posted it on facebook and I was blown away again. It's just so crazy that it works!! (very brief language at the beginning if you care)


  1. 1. Officemax sells the "Macgyver Multitool" in a box of 1000 for $4.79 ... http://www.officemax.com/catalog/sku.jsp?skuId=09015415&csId=2-69-3754-56-3-21374-14128-56-3754-1006-56-3754-4845-0-1

    2. I can't say anything about holiday creep, I work for a company that starts celebrating Halloween in September.

    3. Why am I not surprised that Luke likes Snack Time?

    4. Hadn't thought about how many songs actually could be played with just the first 4 chords of Don't Stop Believing ... I'm also a fan of "Stairway to Gilligan" > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTCYLbFxTpI

  2. 1. Unless the packages at Office Max have Richard Dean Anderson on them I am soooooo not interested. :-)

    2. That's different.

    3. I'm reminded of a can of stew with eyes . . .

    4. Awesome.

  3. I seriously think I just died. Between cross stitching a picture of the royal wedding with a paper clip made of MacGyver's magic metal (how else could the possibly market this! I wouldn't pay it for anything less than made of magic metal) while sitting in the tub soaping it up with royal wedding soap and wearing cheap, gaudy (but cute) jewelry. Seriously. This is my favorite post, ever.

  4. We are SO doing that for the baby shower!