Monday, September 5, 2011

Coming Soon

So . . . I'm a bit of prankster. Love it. Can't get enough. I do try to keep it mostly harmless, but holy crap they can be so much fun!!

My dad taught me to play little jokes on people. The first place we lived in IF was right across the street from a small park. The edge was lined with evergreen trees that, while still large, had branches low enough to the ground for anyone to hide inside them. (it was seriously traumatizing to see they'd grown so much even dad could walk under them without ducking this summer . . . so not right!!!) We'd go to the park and dad would send me under the trees and mom would start to freak out that I was missing and I would jump out and yell "BOO!" and mom would freak out some more and dad and I would laugh. Perhaps a little cruel the first time . . . but she fell for it. Every. Single. Time. One would think that she would start checking under the trees before panicking . . . but not so much.

Then right before we got married I convinced Luke that he was giving a speech at our reception. Even better - I had him convinced that not only was he giving one, but that he'd already agreed to do it and had "forgotten" about it. That was pretty awesome. I love April Fool's Day. :-)

Anyway, getting to the point. My parents have gone to Washington for the next couple of weeks. I have a key to their house. Today Luke and I completed what just may be my most epic prank yet. Sadly, on the off chance that they get online before they get home, that is all I shall be saying for now. (wonder of wonders, weirdness of weirdnesses, my dad has actually read my blog a couple of times. dude.)

But I do have a preview . . . sort of. A teaser, if you will. Keep an eye out on my facebook page around this time next week!

P. ost S. cript
Holy cake pottery, Batman!! This is SO!! COOL!!!


  1. Awesome! I love hearing about pranks (not so much receiving them :)

  2. So not nice. I knew it came form your Dad.

  3. Ha ha ha... I can only imagine... :) My Dad has an antelope in one of the bedrooms in my parent's house and my niece used to put her bra on its head every time she was there1