Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not Complaining, Just Saying

So. That was quite a bit of blogging. And a nice break afterward. And now - I'm back with a semi-existential question.

Anyway. My car has been in the shop for a month now. Literally. Over thirty days. Basically the mechanic agrees that it's doing something odd, but can't find anything wrong with it. Blargh. Maybe it's time to call the Cartalk guys.

But that is beside today's point. A couple of days ago after Luke called to check up on my poor car again we were talking. About how being an adult kind of sucks. And we came to a conclusion (if you can call a question a conclusion): where are all the perks?

Remember being a kid? And how everything was going to be so awesome once you grew up? You would be in charge and do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted and life was going to be one big party because no one could tell you what to do anymore.

Yeah, when does that part of life kick in?

I guess some of it has . . . sire, I can go to bed whenever I want - but stay at the Adventurer's Club until 2 am when you have to be to work at 7:30, and you're going to regret it. Go ahead, buy all the clothes and books and "toys" you want - but if you don't leave enough money to cover the bills you're rather royally screwed. Don't want to get out of bed? Go ahead, fake that cough and stay home - but work doesn't give make up tests.

I'm not saying either of us are unhappy with the way things are, because generally speaking we're quite content. I suppose the disillusionment is finally setting in. Life now was supposed to be an endless roller coaster ride around Willy Wonka's candy room, and instead I'm finding myself realizing just how cushy a gig I had back when I was nine. What's up with that anyway?

I hope I don't sound too depressing. We're still happy and laughing and having fun and all that good stuff. And there is the slight but definite possibility that things could really take an improving turn in the next few weeks (more on that if it happens). But at the moment I'm just feeling a little . . . blank, I suppose. Lacking. Like I missed switching onto the party train a few stations back and now I've got to figure out how to connect with it again. At least for now I'm cool with just staying on the happy train.

P. ost S. cript
The muppets make everything better. How long until Thanksgiving?! :-)


  1. Amen to all of that. Though I consider ice cream at 10:30pm a perk of being a grownup. I plan on it again tonight :) Also a perk- Ice cream two nights in a row! And a hearty "Here! Here!" to the Muppets. Though last night I turned to Strictly Ballroom to lift my spirits. Not enough muppetage on Netflix. (And then my kids wouldn't think I was watching a kid movie and throw a fit because they had to go to bed)

  2. Ah....totally. When we're little, we want to be big. When we're big, we want to be little. It's so sad. And no amount of advice can convince a kid to just be; to just enjoy! But...I think there are more perks than we one asking us where we are going all the time, no curfew, no clean your plate comments...and...and! You get to have a sleepover EVERY night...WITH A BOY! ;)

  3. Maggie - the ice cream thing is a nice perk. And Strictly Ballroom is AWESOME! That one's got a good bit of nostalgia for me . . . :-)

    Katie - good point about the sleepover! :-)

  4. Ahhhh. Strictly Ballroom. I could do an entire post about that. I watched that the first time in I.F. that summer I lived there. Wow.

  5. Unfortunately, you can't hang out at the Adventurer's Club until 2am any more.