Sunday, July 3, 2011


Day 29 ~ You favorite TV shows and why you like them.

I don't really watch a lot of TV these days (except, you know, for old people shows). On the other hand, in college I watched TONS of TV. I discovered this marvelous method of getting my homework done - find something I want to watch on TV, watch it while it's on and work during commercials. It was great because no matter how much I would be struggling with a stupid math problem (is there any other type of math problem, really?) I knew I had a break coming up in a few minutes so I could make myself keep working. And sometimes I'd be writing and really get going and keep right on going when the show came back. I know it wouldn't work for everybody, but it was perfect for me. By the time I was a senior that was almost the only way I could get any work done, and I had quite the set routine - on Mondays the Sci-Fi channel had a Stargate SG-1 marathon from six to midnight, Tuesdays were Gilmore Girls and The Amazing Race, Wednesdays was Lost and Alias, etc., etc., etc. And my freshman year I took an english comp class entitled The Rhetoric of Satire that left me completely hooked on The Daily Show to this day.

Once I got to Florida I pretty much stopped watching TV all together. I was either just too tired, or never home, or people were over and the last thing we were thinking about doing was watching TV. I'd channel surf from time to time (this would be when I discovered Bridezillas and Food Network's Cake Challenge) but there wasn't any show that I just HAD to see every week or anything.

Now there are a bunch of (mostly old) shows on our netflix instant queue. Mostly they're shows I've seen a few episodes of . . . and there are a lot of shows that aren't available on instant, which is really obnoxious. Anyway, I usually watch them on the weekends whilst stitching. Yeah, I need a life.

Anyway. A few of my favorites:

~ Stargate SG-1 - So. Awesome. So fun. So funny. And three really good looking guys!! As Stephen Colbert says, great show, or the greatest show ever? It's both.

~ The Daily Show/The Colbert Report - hysterical. True. Depressingly accurate . . . but that makes it funnier.

~ The Twilight Zone - sometimes creeps me out almost as much as Unsolved Mysteries, but I still love it. (and just to be clear, we're talking about the old school, black and white episodes from the '50s.) Thought-provoking and highly entertaining, if we had cable I would be watching it right now . . . assuming Sci-Fi still does their New Years/July 4th marathons. And I don't see why they wouldn't. (Even though I think they stopped doing Stargate Monday Marathons - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

~ The Price is Right - This one is pure nostalgia. I would LOVE to play Plinko someday, but I refuse to watch it again until Bob Barker comes out of retirement. (side note: this guy? Totally know him. Worked at BLT with me and Luke. One of the sweetest people I've ever met . . . miss him tons.)

~ Phineas and Ferb - okay, this one is going to have to cover all the cartoons I love or this list would never end, because this is one area in which I refuse to grow up. P&F is awesome though. Kind of like the Muppets in that there are a lot of jokes for adults hidden in there too. Really fun, really funny, and it was pretty much always on in the tank break room back in the day . . . and more than a few of us got busted for not going back to work when our breaks were over because we were watching P&F.

There are more great shows out there, but I think these pretty much cover my favorites.

P. ost S. cript
He who does not laugh at this - has no sense of humor.


  1. Agree on the Bob Barker thing....

  2. Toomey is now working at the Haunted Mansion

  3. I heard! That's got to be quite the experience.