Monday, April 18, 2011

Where Time Goes

So after nearly two years of blogging you've probably realized I'm not much of the type to post the mushy "it's the 17-month anniversary of our third kiss, yay!" type of posts . . .

BUT . . .

I find myself wanting to counteract the doom and gloom, both meteorological and philosophical.

So . . .


Two years ago today was the day of the Salt Lake City Marathon. Most obnoxious timing on their part, I must say. Because what should have been a ten minute drive from the downtown Marriott to the Salt Lake Temple took 20+. The way my mother was freaking out you would think they canceled weddings if people were more than 2 minutes late. But Grandma, being the awesome grandma that she is, just kept telling everybody to relax and that everything would work out just fine. Which it did. And I'm sure we weren't the only ones who were late. But in the end everything was worth it.

Thus far it appears the rest of our lives is going to be just like our wedding day: the process a bit of a hassle and sometimes a pain in a few unpleasant places, but ultimately decidedly worth it.

I think this is my favorite picture . . . a little ironic since my dad took it instead of one of the professionals. But after mom raved and raved about the people she picked in the end neither of us were especially impressed with the end result.

And on a completely frivolous and shallow note, I'm still immensely glad it was better weather then than there was today. Because I would have been really bummed if I couldn't have worn my awesome wedding shoes:
Hopefully the weather will dry out soon so I can start wearing these babies again!

Okay, this picture is just to show off my awesome cathedral veil, which I might be a touch vain about. I got so many comments about it at the time . . . like people had never seen one longer than fingertip length before. It was kind of weird actually.

Anyway. The end. Or . . . not.

P. ost S. cript
Interesting stuff. And kind of cute.


  1. Oh, man. That means that I was wearing my awesome zebra stripped stiletto sandals two years ago. Sad, considering I'm wrapped in a quilt shivering right now. Sigh...Happy anniversary!

  2. Good grief...2 years??? Oh, I mean congratulations!!!

    (I'm wearing flip flops today...)

  3. Love the the TRANE of BLUE!!!! that's freaking amazing.