Friday, April 8, 2011

Shoulda Seen That Coming


So. You may have missed the memo, but it's, like, April. Springtime, right? RIGHT?!?!

Theoretically, at least. But I think I caused a blizzard or something.

'Kay, so for those of you who've missed the other memo, we're moving. Not far, just down by Willow Park. (for those to whom that meant nothing: we're staying in the same town.) That's a great big story in itself and as soon as we've moved you'll be hearing all about it. Anyway, we got the keys to our new place last Thursday, and we don't have to be out of this one until the end of the month so we're taking things nice and slow and easy . . . mostly because we both still get a little twitchy when we think about how we stayed up until almost midnight cramming both our cars full to bursting to start a cross-country drive at, like 5:00 in the morning. Good times.

Anyway. Keys. Thursday. It was great. And we've taken a few loads of stuff over already. And while the packing up and moving the stuff is a bit of a hassle, the unpacking and deciding where things will go is rather a bit fun, so we're enjoying ourselves. Especially since the stuff we've moved so far is stuff we're not going to need for the next couple of weeks.

Or so we thought.

So the weather on Tuesday and Wednesday was absolutely lovely. Beautiful. Chilly, but pleasantly springy. So among all the other stuff, we took our winter coats to the new place on Wednesday. In fact, every last jacket I have went, except for one very light sweater. Because it's sunny, it's springtime, and conference was last week and everybody knows it never snows after conference! I mean, that was how my mom scheduled when the summer clothes came and went - out after April conference, away after October's. That's just, you know, how life works.

I'm sure you've figured out where this is going, but I'll give it to you anyway. It snowed yesterday. Heavily. Unpleasantly. And just one freaking day after moving ALL my jackets to the other side of town - literally, our two apartments are almost as far apart from each other as they can get while still being in the same town! Seriously?!

Of course I didn't even think about it until about an hour before I was headed out of the house last night. Light sweater. Heavy snow. Ah, crap. This wouldn't have been a big deal . . . I mean, I'm sure you're all thinking "why didn't she just go get a jacket from the other place?" because let's be honest, it's a pretty obvious solution.


It seems that our landlords changed the locks after the last people moved out and we got brand new keys. Great, right? So Thursday we do the whole check-in inspection thing, get our keys, ask all the little questions and stuff, and hear that the landlords are going out of town for the next ten days but if we need anything just go to the people downstairs. Great. We go back over on Saturday to take our first loads of stuff . . . and our keys don't work. At all. Grrrrrrr. So Luke goes downstairs because they're the ones who do the little stuff (kind of like what we've been doing here) and luckily for us they have a key that works. So we've been using that one for the last week, and it hasn't been a problem because I'm on spring break and every time one of us has gone to the new place we've both gone. But last night: Luke's at work. Luke has the only key. Lacey's sooooooooo not getting a coat. Blargh. Good thing it was nice and toasty at Cafe Sabor last night!

So among the other things we did today, we made copies of the working key. As we'd been intending to do all week, but you know how you just never get to the things on the bottom of your list? Yeah, totally bumped that one up today. And the new keys work! Yay!!! And both apartments look a little empty, and the next couple weeks are going to be interesting and it's still snowing today so I still needed to grab that jacket. I told myself that a couple of times whilst unpacking the laundry basket, suitcases, duffel bag, and backpack we're using and reusing rather than bunches of boxes.

Yeah, totally left without grabbing a heavier jacket. I am the world BIGGEST spaz. Didn't even realize it until a couple of hours after we left. Blargh.

I'll go get it tomorrow. Maybe. But let's be honest, I'll probably forget.

And btw, winter? You know what? We are over!

P. ost S. cript
We just might have to get one of these things someday. (I refer, of course, to the roomba, lol)


  1. You do realize that by the time you GET the jacket, it's going to be balmy again. Right?

  2. Story of my life right there. :-)

  3. Why are you moving ? I thought you were taking care of those for your rent. Are you doing the same in the new one ?

  4. Long forthcoming rant short, yes we were, and that's why we're moving.

  5. hope you're all moved in and COZY! we're just around the corner from Willow Park :) come by anytime if you get locked out again

  6. Not quite, but we're planning on finishing up Saturday. It'll be so weird to be in a real neighborhood again!