Monday, March 21, 2011

Being All Trendy

Have you ever thought about the evolution of trends? Especially internet trends. First there were the surveys that you spammed . . . I mean forwarded . . . to everyone you knew. Then it was myspace bulletins. Occasionally tagged facebook notes pop up all popular for about a day. And then there are the blog trends that sweep through every so often. And this one seems to have been done by such a very large chunk of my blogging pals that I just have to jump on the bandwagon before I'm just so pathetically and hopelessly ten-minutes-ago behind the times. Seriously, it just keeps popping up from someone new every few days or so.

Anyway. I'm puttin' iTunes on shuffle and you get to see what the first five to get shuffled are.

Or maybe I'll do ten. I'm kinda bored. Either way, you'll probably all end up knowing me a little bit better after this.

1. Bolero ~ Ravel
Lovely song, but I hate playing it. The cello part is 10% enjoyable, 90% insufferably dull.

2. All I Ask of You from Phantom
I would love this song even if I wasn't a Broadway junkie. Also: while I am a fan of Emmy Rossum, anyone who thinks Michael and Sarah can be topped should be drug out in the street and shot. (twenty points if you got the Garfield and Friends reference!)

3. Live Like You Were Dying ~ Tim McGraw
So growing up I was constantly going from loving country music to hating it because it was the only thing we were allowed to listen to. (Suffice it to say it was an interesting conversation my mother had with her 3 teenage/soon-to-be teenage daughters when she came home from work one day singing Backstreet Boys.) These days I like it, generally. This is one of those songs I fell in love with the first time I heard it. I bought the cd just for this song. (see also: this song. I have to blast it any time it comes on when I'm in the car. Sorry about the lame video, but the ensemble version is SOOOOOO much better IMO!!) Random note: I'm not much of a singer, but on good days I can hold that last note the whole time. It's quite the self esteem boost when it happens. :-)

4. Dancing Through Life from Wicked
I would just like to go on the record here and now and say that I loved Wicked before it was cool to love Wicked. I had this song memorized (and adopted as my theme song because, well, that was me) before almost anyone outside New York had even heard of the show. And now practically everyone and their dogs have seen it and I HAVE YET TO SEE THIS SHOW DANGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There. I feel better now.

Anyway. Another fabulous song for singing along and blasting in the car. Have you ever gotten in a mood where you just need to hear a song, perhaps repeatedly? I played this one on repeat once driving back to school my senior year . . . from about Fillmore to Cedar. It made the endless drive a little quicker.

5. The Saga Begins ~ Weird Al Yankovic
It probably comes as no surprise that I love this song. It's pretty awesome. That said, this is the one I have as a ring tone.

Yeah, definitely doing ten. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride. (just because it sounds good to say)

6. Wannabe ~ Spice Girls
I think I originally liked this song just because it wasn't allowed at our house. Now it's got some real nostalgia power behind it - I was in SEVENTH GRADE when this song came out!

7. A Step Too Far from Aida
Holy crap, I adore Aida!! It's another one of those thoroughly sing-along-able shows where I know every word. While these guys are good and stuff . . . well, the girls are . . . (and the set is giving me some crazy flashbacks to doing Joseph in high school) allow to me recommend the OBC version which, obnoxiously, is un-embeddable.

8. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah from Song of the South
Well, it was inevitable that Disney would come up . . . even if it is only 9% of my music library. This was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. I was three, maybe four . . . I kinda sorta vaguely remember it. I think. Also: I am determined to hunt down a copy that will play on American DVD players. Eventually. Dude, you can't even find clips of the movie on youtube, but you can get the whole thing in Europe? LAME!! (Side note: remind me to tell you all sometime about the time a duck attacked me while I was on Splash Mountain. I smell a Saturday Morning post!)

9. A New Hope and End Credits ~ John Williams
So the one that popped up happened to be Revenge of the Sith. But yes, I have all the soundtracks. As well as the two volume John Williams Greatest Hits. Because John Williams is the man. Even if he is brass heavy. Because you know what? Those little double (and triple when you're really lucky!) f's on your sheet music make even the lamest drumbeat of a part more fun to play. :-)

10. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
Oooh, yeah, let's end with a classic. Another song I didn't discover until much later than most people would say I should have, but I'm a definite fan. I kind of prefer this version, but I may be a little biased since I am, you know, the camera person. Ahh, the good old days of being a designated driver at Disney.

Bonus pick from me, not the shuffle: The Cheat is Not Dead ~ Strongbad
Okay, so I know this is actually, like, song 15 or something . . . but it's such a fun song. We actually made it the final song at our reception. It was awesome.

You know, that was actually a relatively balanced shuffle . . . which is odd because my iTunes seriously gets into some very genre specific moods. Which is obnoxious when it's in a different mood than I am but I still want to keep it on all music. But this . . . pretty much sums up who I am. Well . . . not completely . . . but you get what I mean. I hope . . .

Maybe I'll do some genre-split first fives sometime . . .

P. ost S. cript
Are you all video'd out yet? If you're not, here are some adorable baby duckies blown all asunder. They are glass-breaking-squeal cute!


  1. LOVE Weird Al! I listened to Dr. Demento most of my childhood... that should explain a LOT.

    LOVE Bon Jovi! reminds me of a middle school field trip to Lagoon...

    LOVE Song of the South... I SO wish we could get a copy of it as well :) If you ever find one let me know!

  2. Wait. This is a trend? I only did it because I was bored and couldn't think of a 'normal' top 5 for the week! WooHoo! I set a trend!

  3. Ok. Now that I've scrolled through...let's just say we have very different musical tastes! ;) I also don't even really know what Wicked is about. And I doubt I ever find out...And you were in 7th grade for Spice Girls? Sigh...

    (And, uh. top 5 videos? Totally fun cheater way to blog. I highly recommend it)

  4. Wow, that is the EXACT same top 10 on my iPod right now. What are the chances??

  5. Bolero- ring tone on my phone. And I am old enough to remember Torvil and Dean making it popular at the Olympics. That is when I fell in love with it.

    (and did I ever tell you it was your mother that introduced me to Bread?)

  6. Lacy - This is why we're friends now. :-)

    Aunt T - I've had a few other friends do it too . . . either you set a trend or a bunch of great minds were thinking alike! (And Wicked, briefly, is a prequel/alternate version of The Wizard of Oz.)

    Aunt Sharon - I'm guessing it'll never happen again. :-)

    Aunt Sandra - Torvil and Dean . . . figure skaters? The names are just familiar enough that I feel like I should know them, even if I'm too young to remember them. And a no on the Bread thing, but I do remember a conversation at a family party several years ago where everyone was shocked to discover mom liked the Eagles . . . either that or she didn't get that most of the songs were inappropriate . . . or something . . .

  7. Probably that she didn't get it.
    Torvil and Dean, skaters yes, figure no, ice dancers

  8. I don't love Phantom. Sarah does sound pretty amazing, though.

  9. coming from a hockey player, ice dancing and figure skating are the same thing.

    I have a (US-playable) DVD copy of Song of the South. I don't think I can get another one from my source.

    And, I love Justin's "microphone" in the living on a prayer video