Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wintery Thoughts

I'm not usually a fan of remakes, but this is one I could totally get behind.


~ This whole being a grown-up in the snow thing? I'm not a fan. Slipping and sliding whilst driving, clearing the car windows, wondering if we should replace the tires on my car now or if they can make it through the winter . . . yeah. Not cool. I just want to make snow angels and snowmen, dangit!

~ I really want a garage. Or at least a carport. A tent maybe? Something to make it so I don't have to scrape the windows.

~ I really need to get some close-toed dress shoes. I say this every winter . . . and by every winter I mean EVERY winter since I graduated from high school. In that time I've purchased two pairs of dress shoes . . . both in the spring, both very cute, one a rocking pair of stilettos, one a super cute pair of strappy sandals. Something always comes up - either I don't have the money or I can't find any I like or I just keep forgetting when I'm shopping. Which makes sense considering I only wear dress shoes once a week for three hours and most of those three hours I'm inside. On the other hand, when there is three inches of fresh snow on the ground and you have to walk all around your car to clear it off . . . and then it snows another three inches while you're at church and you have to clear the car off again to leave . . . I really need to get some closed-toed dress shoes. And some cute boots without a heel.

~ My collection of Christmas ornaments began with my first Christmas. Which is awesome, because that means now I have a good-sized collection. In fact, it's really too big for our little 3 foot tree, it's kind of crowded on there. But there's not enough for a full size tree. Blargh. I'm totally going to have to hit up the after Christmas sales and hope there's some cute stuff. And then knock out a wall so we have room for a big tree.

~ The good news is we're looking at a winter where we keep the heat on a little higher and a little longer than last year . . . yay! On the other hand, we have still abandoned the living room in favor of the smaller and cheaper to heat 2nd bedroom/den/craft room/game room/guest room/office/everything-but-the-kitchen-sink room. I finally moved in on Monday. I'm already a little stir crazy. In the plus column, there is the TV and Wii in here with me now. In the negative column, we moved the extra bed out this year. So there's only a hotel reject armchair, which is comfortable enough, but there are only so many ways you can sit in it, and you can't stretch out. And the floor is hard, even with the mountain of blankets and pillows that's now sitting in the corner. We wanted to get banana chairs this summer shortly after we got the Wii - because banana chairs are awesome! And because we just need somewhere to sit. Turns out that only ONE place in this entire town carries banana chairs . . . and they only carry them during the holidays. What the what?!?! So we're hopefully going to be buying them soon. Maybe even this week. *crossing fingers*

~ LOVE the fact that the snow didn't hit until the week of Thanksgiving. Awe. Some. We got a nice, long, enjoyable fall, and snow just when I like it. In fact, I think a perfect world would be one where winter (and by extension snow) lasted precisely from the week of Thanksgiving to the last week of January. And then in February all the melting is done and it's just plain gone. Yep, that's my kinda winter.

~ Is it Christmas yet? I am dying to see what my parents think of their present from all of us. (suffice it to say, if everything goes exactly how I want it to, there will be video. And it will be awesome.) Also, we're really hoping Convergys will close down for Christmas again this year. Because working on Christmas? Been there, done that, not cool.

~ Last year Luke and I talked a bit about what sort of Christmas traditions we want to have. Among other things, we decided that every year we'll pull out the chocolate fountain Grandma B. gave us last year. So - can anyone tell me where to get a couple of pounds (I think, haven't looked at the instruction manual yet) of molten chocolate?

~ Apparently there is such a thing as flannel-lined jeans. They're sold at Cal Ranch, so I'm sure they're decidedly of the not-cute-flattering-jeans variety. That might cease to be an issue eventually.

P. ost S. cript
So epically awesomely hysterical. I love it!! You'll never look at Indy the same way again, guaranteed . . .


  1. Old Navy has flannel lined jeans, as well, but I don't know if they are only on the mens side...

  2. Use heavy cream and not oil to keep your chocolate smooth in the fountain. Trust me on this one.

  3. I always see banana chairs outside of the Fisher Home Furnishings during the summer. I was walking by there a few weeks ago and saw some inside, too.

    Good to find you, girl.

  4. Yay, Deb's here!! :-)

    I know this is going to sound really picky of me, but we actually checked out Fisher's this summer. All they carry are chairs covered in sports teams logos, and we are SOOOOOOOO not sports people. And since we could order plain ones off amazon for cheaper than the ones at Fisher we decided to go somewhere else.