Monday, November 8, 2010

Has No One Considered This?

So I misplaced my phone the other day. No big deal, I do it . . . well, not all the time . . . but often enough. Luke loses his more often, and I'm always calling it with mine to locate it, so whilst I was looking for mine I just thought, "well, I'll just call it . . . wait . . . blargh . . . " And before you ask, no, it was not in my hand. Or my pocket. And yes, I've done that too.

Ultimately I found it - and right where I left it too, who would have thought? :-) But while I was looking I felt so completely isolated. Not only could I not reach anyone by phone, even if I'd had one other than mine I wouldn't have known how to reach anyone. How did this happen?

I remember when I was little it was a really big deal for a little kid to know his or her phone number. And it was a major achievement when you could finally recite it. And since you had to push each individual number's button, if you called someone a lot you would probably memorize that number too.

I don't know anyone's numbers now. Well, that's not quite entirely true. I remember our phone number from when we lived in Idaho Falls . . . of course, we moved twelve years ago. My dad's had a cell phone since pretty much forever. He never had the Zack Morris phone, but he did have the next generation, which was still quite a brick. (side note: OH MY HOLY MUST HAVE!) I remember that number too. It changed at least ten years ago. But I still know it.

What other phone numbers could I call without my cell phone? I could call my parent's house. Of course, that phone hasn't been answered since around the time I graduated from college . . . possibly before that. I'm not even sure why they still have the land line. They only give that number to people they don't actually want to talk to these days.

The one bright spot is that dad's current cell number has been the same since I was in high school. And since I didn't get my cell until I was a junior in college, I do have that one down. So there is a grand total of one number that I could call if I really needed to get a hold of someone. Here's hoping I never find myself in a situation where I need to reach anyone else super quickly, right?

But now I'm curious. What do people do when they actually lose their phones? How do you tell people? (and by that I mean, obviously, people who aren't on facebook, lol) How do you recover all the numbers from your contact list (again, the ones of people not on facebook)? Back in the day phone books were, you know, separate from phones, but now when you lose one you've lost both. Ummmm . . . can we say craptacular?

And what about the little kids? Are they having to learn the individual numbers for mom/dad/nanny/babysitter/grandparents/older siblings/insert random caregiver child sees twice a year here? Talk about an accomplishment! Especially since none of these adults have to memorize any of those numbers - they just look for the name in their phones and push the little green button. Not fair!

I suppose this is the part where I should have some sort of witty conclusion or something. But . . . yeah. I gots nothin'. So this lovely little installment of What Goes on in Lacey's Head ends . . . wait for it . . . here. The end.

P. ost S. cript
Great merciful crap, did you see this?!?! CRAZY!!!!!


  1. You know, you could just get an Android phone... then you can track all your contacts in gmail and it will automatically sync up with your phone. Plus they have apps that will help you find your phone, etc.

    Plus android phones are freakin' awesome!

  2. Yeah, but I have absolutely no desire whatsoever for a smart phone of any sort. :-)

  3. I have an actual address book. Why? Because I've lost all numbers before and it wasn't pretty. So actual address book with peoples number written in it. For back up. And, you know, actual addresses...

  4. I second the comment about Android phones. That being said, I still have a few numbers memorized

    - Both home phone lines
    - Mom's cell phone
    - Dad's cell phone
    - my fiancee's cell phone
    - Several work numbers (Ops desk, manager desk, bell services, and lost n found)
    - a few random other numbers (Disney Dining, Disney Security)

  5. Hate my android phone. Mostly because I don't know how to do anything with it- like how do I save that picture I was just sent, or forward it or.... and there is no actual keypad.

    And I have lots of numbers memorized but have noticed that kids at school cannot tell me their parents' numbers and there have been emergencies when I needed a parent and said parent had not returned the emergency contact sheet and the kid had no idea how to get ahold of a parent, or where they even worked for that matter. (don't forget I am at a highschool)

  6. The elementary kids do have to memorize to pass off their home phone number. I don't know what number they pass off if they don't have a home's or dad's cell?

    Lexie and Tanner know our home phone and all our cell numbers because they don't either one have a cell yet.:)

  7. We just sent home the homework for memorizing phone numbers this week. It doesn't matter if it's home phone, or mom or dad's cell number, but they have to have one memorized for someone we can contact if needs be. By the end of January (I think) they also have to have their address memorized, and they have to work on knowing where mom/dad works, etc. I hate that I have so many students that are sent to school with cell phones that a lot of the time they don't even know how to use.

  8. I'm so blown away by the idea of high schoolers not knowing where their parents work I'm left unable to think of anything else to say.

    Except that Lex and Tanner have a butt load of numbers floating around in their heads!!

  9. Lacie, I love reading your stuff because you have the coolest, funniest expletives.

    Great Merciful Crap? Crap is never merciful, is it?

  10. (And I can't believe I just spelled your name wrong. Arg. In my defense, my little sister's best friend spells her name this way.)

  11. Haha, it's a phrase a friend of mine from high school (younger than me, Justin didn't know him) put in a play he wrote. A few of us got such a kick out of it we started saying it in reality.

    And you're absolutely forgiven the spelling. Anyone from Utah does, since there's about a million of us, and each with a different spelling!