Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wish Me Luck!

So I may or may not have a job. Don't know yet. On the one hand, I definitely would love to go back to Ellis, but the official word when school got out was that it wouldn't be known if there was room in the budget for me until July. And now we're halfway through, and I haven't heard anything yet. Blargh. I'm wondering if I should start worrying yet.

I did have the option of taking the Americorps Math aide position, which it sounded like was pretty much mine for the taking. And I thought about it - and very nearly did. But . . . that's just not the right spot for me. I'm not entirely sure why, and that's seriously frustrating to no end, but what can you do, you know? I will admit that my decision was influenced by my pathetic lack of math skills. As it should have been, I would argue. I mean, really . . . when one week you're looking at the fourth graders' math homework and thinking "oh crap, I haven't done long division since I was in fourth grade . . . and I don't think I remember how to do it," one week and then the VERY NEXT week you're saying "you're doing ALGEBRA?!?! I never even heard the word algebra until I was in seventh grade!!" and you don't remember how to do it either - that really should be considered to be a bright, flashing, neon sign that a job involving math just isn't for you. Not the deciding factor - dude, not even a big factor. Discouraging, but hopefully the whole reading thing works out for me.

The good news is I have a contingency plan. One of the girls in my ward is moving to Michigan (or maybe Wisconsin . . . or Minnesota . . . one of those states in the middle at the top . . . ) so her husband can go to grad school, so her job on campus is going to be available next month. And it is pretty much nothing but awesome. Office assistant (which I'm guessing is just political correctness for "secretary"), part-time - but four hours a day instead of two and a half. And it would be year-round - hello awesome!! AND they prefer non-students AND want someone who can make a long term commitment. Ummmmmmmm . . . *raises hand*. I have a really good feeling about this one, especially since even though their looking for non-students it was posted on the USU job board. I should be hearing about an interview this week or next. So between now and then I will definitely be accepting all crossed fingers, broken legs, voodoo rituals, prayers, etc. (random: I had a prof in college who was a practicing Hindu. If you asked him he would pray for the class in Sanskrit before a test. Kinda really super cool.)

On a completely unrelated note - SUCCESS!!!!!!! Okay, so Rian's farewell-that-they-don't-call-farewells-anymore was today.And it was great, and we made him laugh by making faces at him and there was plenty of food and I ate way more than I should have and my Mii is probably going to puff up really round and that will be depressing, but dangit, it was good!! (cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesecaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Anyway - I FINALLY got mom to cough up her 20-some-odd years worth of pictures that I've been asking for for almost a year now. And with all the excuses she was giving me I canNOT wait to go through these and see whatever it is I'm assuming she doesn't want anyone to see. Seriously - "I don't have time to get them out" . . . "it will make a mess" . . . "they're too hard to get to" . . . and all the while I know they're just sitting in a couple of piles on top of her cedar chest. So today she and I went on a field trip to her closet and I demonstrated how taking them would merely involve picking them up and walking out and I wouldn't even be touching anything else and she would get them back as soon as I've scanned them and - SUCCESS!!!!!!! I'm totally going to have to use the method more often . . . who knows what else I'll finally accomplish. Anyway, as I mentioned quite some time ago I'm planning on starting up a family Photo Bucket account once I get them scanned in - I'll post all the details on the facebook group when I've got them. This is gonna be fun. :-)

P. ost S. cript
Have you seen the trailer for that facebook movie? Luke and I kinda love the music behind it. So we looked into it. Turns out it's a Belgian group called Scala. Girls' choir that sings pop songs arranged for a chorus. (is chorally the word I want here?) Pretty cool . . . seriously, they sing "Material Girl" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and stuff like that and it sounds kinda rather awesome. So here they are - and of course I had to go with the Abba medley. Even though they left out "Dancing Queen." Seriously Scala? Not. Cool.


  1. Yay on the job possibility! Good luck indeed. (Oh, and I'm not sure why they told you July. The budgets are set in July, then they have to do all their principally things with it, and hiring back aides is the very last thing they do. I've never known whether I had a job until at least August...sometimes even just a week or two before school starts.)

  2. So I think I have a good idea of your college professor. Although, he never prayed in my class with him :(

  3. I must have misunderstood. When Sue said she'd know about the budget in July I figured that meant I'd be hearing a day or two later. I feel much better now. :-)

    Sarah ~ aaa-ooo-gah!!! :-D