Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Now that is my kind of cookie. Confession: I make quadruple stuffed oreos from double stuffed ones. And it's pretty awesome.

So this has been a . . . week. Firstly, the potentially good stuff - I was expecting maybe getting a call or something this week. So imagine my surprise when by the time Monday is over I have an interview for Thursday. Yay!! It was a little intimidating, as interviews always are. But I thought it went pretty well. On the other hand, I know I was the very last person they interviewed, and they as good as said that they wanted someone who could start yesterday so they'd be making the decision pretty quick and wanting the person to start next week and that I would be hearing from them either way. So I kind of expected to hear yesterday . . . but nothing. I'm telling myself that I didn't get it and that I wouldn't have liked it anyway and all that sort of thing. I figure it's easier than getting my hopes up, and if I do end up hired it'll be a pleasant surprise. Plus it just sort of makes sense considering my track record for getting jobs in this town, you know? I'm just going to assume that someone out there has been getting more virgin goat sacrifices done in their behalf or something. :-)

<> Come on Ellis, don't let me down! < /Lando voice > I'm really hoping there's room for me to come back at this point.

And then there's yesterday. It's about 4:00, I'm chilling at home, figuring Luke's at work, and my phone rings. Nope, Luke's been rear-ended. On his way to work. By someone who was also on his way to work. At Convergys. Blargh. The good news is nobody was hurt. The bad news is the back bumper of Luke's car is now . . . inside the car rather than on it. Good times had by all, right? It turns out the guy was driving in flip flops and his foot slipped or his shoe caught on something or something like that and he just couldn't stop. So if anyone has been looking for a reason to get on a soapbox about people driving in flip flops - you're welcome.

I have to admit I was really worried this morning before Luke woke up, because even though he said he was fine, I thought I was fine after getting rear-ended too. And then I woke up the next morning and couldn't sit up. Totally thought I was paralyzed for about a minute that morning . . . of course, I wasn't exactly in a normal frame of mind . . . even for me. And it was my birthday!! What is it with crappy things happening around my birthday, dangit?!?! Anyway, I'm assuming the difference is that Luke was at a dead stop and the other guy was doing, like, 10, and we were at a dead stop and the drunk guy was doing at least 60. Yeah, my neck still hurts sometimes and I'm sure that's why. Not cool.

Anyway, yay for insurance, right? And yay for having another car we can drive whilst this one is waiting for all the insurance red tape to go through.

There is good news though - Luke's sister Emily is coming to visit in ten days!!! Yay!!!! Absolutely cannot wait - this little mini-vacation can't come soon enough!!!

P. ost S. cript
Granted, this is not Moosebutter. But the song is just too awesome not to share. Because John Williams IS the man!!

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