Monday, April 12, 2010


So we had our first anniversary present delivered today. (to clarify, first present for the anniversary, which is also the first anniversary. Confused yet, lol?) The first, and only one we're expecting to see. We weren't really expecting this one either, actually. I mean - do people do that? I thought it was all "oh, yay, you're getting married, here's a big old pile of stuff" . . . " anniversary? Whatever, suck it up and get your own stuff!"

So imagine how much I was not complaining when my mother asked what we would like for our anniversary. Lacey's answer: we get anniversary presents?! SWEET!!!! *happy dance*

And as long as I'm pickin' what we get . . . well, there was one thing on our registry last year that I was really hoping to see in that big old pile . . . and it did not materialize . . . and it was just a little to much on the frivolous side to justify using our pile of gift cards on it. But when it's a present it's okay to be a little frivolous. And now - WE'VE GOT ONE!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

I remember when I first discovered the awesomeness that is the ice cream ball . . . I was still a CP, and when I saw it at Walmart I immediately wanted it. However, it was during the time of my first set of roommates, and I was aware that to purchase it then was a bad idea. (One of them walked off with my fantabulous-ginormous-road-trip-sized mug - still sad about that one. *sniffle*) And then . . . I never saw it again. Every time I went back to Walmart it was gone. Sad day! Especially considering how much I adored making paper bag homemade ice cream at girls' camp - I was dying to make some again. So naturally when we were registering a BB&B and I saw it there wasn't even the slightest question as to whether it was going on the list or not. Luke didn't even know what it was. And then he laughed at how excited I got explaining it. But now he's totally on board with the awesomeness.

And now . . . we have one, dangit!!!! And I'm sooooooo glad Luke's back on day shift (even if his days off are still up in the air at the moment) because that means I'm picking him up from work in a couple of hours, we're going out for the ingredients we don't already have, and we're having homemade strawberry ice cream tonight!!!!!! With real strawberries!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admit it. You're jealous. :-)

P. ost S. cript
Oh, the giggles. Nothing special, this one's just silly. But silly is good.


  1. I passed a roadside vendor selling fresh strawberries for 75 cents a basket today. Sadly, I didn't have any cash, or I would've stopped.

  2. Word on the street is they're destroying strawberries in Florida because there's such a bumper crop it's cheaper than selling them. Any truth to that? Because that makes it totally tempting to fly out for a couple of days . . . :-)