Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just How Did I End Up Teaching?

I really have no idea. But it pays. That's all I really care about. I suppose I should really say "teaching" because I'm not sure I've taught anybody anything . . . whatever. Anyway, a few happenings -

1 ~ About a month ago my schedule was switched. Instead of going to the fourth grade homework room, I stay in the second grade classroom I'm already in and work with three kids who need a little extra help. (Hannah) doesn't seem to need a lot of help, she just needs a quieter room than one full of a couple dozen chatty 8-year-olds. (Peter) . . . well, it's almost the end of the school year and I think his reading level is about the equivalent of a kindergartner. Toward the beginning of the year. And then we have the adorable little girl who needs someone who knows she can do the work and is not the helpless little damsel in distress she'll sometimes pretend to be and makes her actually do the work herself. Good times.

2 ~ Fourth graders are a lot easier to converse with than second graders. As in, it is possible to converse with fourth graders. You might not be discussing Sartre or politics or pop culture and its effect on society, but at least the talking you do can be considered "conversation" as opposed to just "talking to." After two and a half hours, I am sooooo done. Ashli - you are officially nuts.

3 ~ I would have to seriously reconsider my current occupational path after my "making kids cry" total hit two today. Good thing it was the same kid a second time, not a second kid. She didn't want to finish her spelling since everyone else went out to recess whilst we were in the middle of the list. So she threw her little "I can't do it" fit and cried a bit. Then, when she realized I seriously wasn't letting her go outside until we finished . . . well, it was amazing how quickly she remembered how to spell the rest of the words. That said, when she finished she did apologize before going out to recess, and after school she was - well, not perfect but very good. She's really a sweet girl when she's not trying to get you to do her work for her.

4 ~ So I'm doing spelling with (Sam) at the end of the day, and he sneezes right as a couple of fourth grade girls walk by. He says "I'm allergic to girls." I give him a silly/hurt/offended look. He smiles a little and says "Except for teachers." Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! . . . I think . . . ??

5 ~ My job officially ends with the school year, and at the moment there's no guarantee that I'll be back next year. I hope they can find room in the budget for me.

P. ost S. cript

One should not laugh at these. I fully admit to feeling a little guilty. But they are sooooooooooooo funny!!!


  1. Thank you. Someone has to be nuts enough to educate your children. If you want to find really nutty people, you should look at the ones that teach anything past 3rd grade.

  2. I suppose this is the part where I'm obligated to mention that If I were to teach, it would be high school or college.