Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have You Heard?

There's a rumor in St. Petersburg! But apparently only in Polish . . . grrr.

Seriously though, Walmart has strawberries for a dollar a pound!!!!! Sweet!!!!!

It was really quite fortuitous that we even discovered this fabulous factoid. So we decided to have tacos for dinner Monday . . . and then discovered we only had three tortillas left. Blargh. Rather than changing the dinner plans, we decided to make an emergency tortilla trip. And to get onions too, because we were out of those. But we knew that going in. Anyway, what to our wondering eyes should appear but a massive display of ginormous strawberries!!!! So we bought three of them too. Three little plastic cases, I mean. Not three strawberries. That would be lame.

Straaaaaaaaaaaaaawberries . . . . MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! So big! So juicy!! So lucious!!! Totally reminded me of our reception too, because we had giant strawberries for the chocolate fountain. We also had a thoroughly nasty chocolate fountain lady who, when I meandered over and chocolate-d up a pretzel for myself, lectured me on how she doesn't allow the bridal couple to partake of the chocolate delights they procured for their own wedding reception because she doesn't want to get sued when they spill chocolate on their fancy clothes. Umm, seriously? 1) Dresses can be cleaned. 2) Let's be realistic here, this dress is most likely never going to be worn again, so does it really matter if it gets stained? 3) Excuse me, but I am the reason you are getting paid to be here, and now you're saying I can't have any? I don't think so! Naturally, I was only able to articulate these perfect rebuttals a couple of days later - don't you hate how that always works? - so the nasty chocolate fountain lady did not get the piece of my mind she deserved. At the time, I must admit, I was really rather stunned by the fact that she actually lectured me. I mean, is that even allowed? Surely there's some law that says you can't lecture/chew out/insult/etc./etc./etc. a bride on her wedding day - especially not at her reception. I mean come on, surely some bridezilla somewhere has clawed her way into Congress and gotten it passed . . . and Utah's certainly the most likely place. :-)

Anyway. Back to this year's strawberries. YUMMY!!!!!!! And so very healthy too. Of course, it probably somewhat negates the health aspect when you put half a pound of chopped strawberries on top of a dish of ice cream as we did Monday. Or use a pound of strawberries to make two large milkshakes as we did yesterday. But hey, at least we didn't use strawberry syrup or something, you know. Also: totally need to go back and get more strawberries, as well as the rest of the ingredients to make this. I still dream about this divine little concoction, even though I've only had it once and that was more than two years ago now. Also, an old friend gave me a recipe for strawberry banana cookies - totally need to try that one out too.

Most importantly, there has been no sign of food poisoning. And considering Luke and I have both eaten three dozen (at least) deviled eggs and two pounds of strawberries a piece in the last three days . . . well, I'm a little surprised that we aren't sick.

(And yup, we did boil and dye 3 dozen eggs for Easter . . . meaning we had six dozen deviled eggs. Deviled 'em on Sunday, and they were gone by the end of Monday. We like our deviled eggs around here!)

If the strawberries are gone next time I go shopping, I think I will cry. Make sure you save me some when you shop!

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  1. I'm glad you aren't sick because it SUCKED. Seriously...

    And strawberry soup is divine.

  2. Not quite a chocolate fountain, but similar ... go to the store. Buy 2 or 3 BIG hershey bars. (not the king size ones ... the even bigger ones). Put them in a skillet over low heat, and stir in a bit of milk (probably about 1/3 cup or so). Heat until melted. The milk keeps the chocolate from burning, and makes it a little creamier. You can then dip strawberries (or any other fruit, or oreos, or whatever you want) in it.