Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's Up

~ I seem to have won myself a significant amount of street cred with the second grade boys I work with. Because, you know, nothing says "hard core" like shredded, blood soaked jeans. One of them keeps asking about them even. He thought the massive band aids were awesome. And yesterday - well, my left knee currently looks like I've had a dinosaur skin graft and my right knee . . . you know it looks ugly when even an eight-year-old boy thinks it's gross. That said, things are healing nicely although I must have also bruised the right knee pretty deeply because it still hurts to put much pressure on it.

~ Even though this is our third, I still find it a little weird to celebrate Valentine's Day as opposed to "Single's Awareness Day." Not that we really do anything super special - it's just the idea. Some days it's still a little hard to believe. Yay for not being single!

~ Pajama jeans? Really? I for one would not be caught dead in them, and we all know just how much that is saying. Okay, genius inventor - I'll give you an A for creativity if that means I can forget they exist.

~ Apparently people want to make the super bowl a national holiday. Ummmm . . . what? You really need a day to "recover" from spending a day sitting on your butt and stuffing your face? This philosophy probably explains a lot about fat people in America. Not everything, but a whole heckuva lot.

~ Our apartment is amazing at retaining food smells. Which is kind of awesome when I make peanut butter cookies, or brownies, or pretty much anything of the yummy and generally less than amazingly healthy variety. Other food on the other hand . . . while it may smell good whilst cooking, who wants to smell last night's dinner when you get up? Good thing the scent stays (mostly) in the kitchen. I may have to start using my candle warmer more often . . .

~ Another facebook update? Seriously?! What is up with this "give them time to get used to things, than change it all around again" policy they've got going? LAME!!!! It's not like they actually improve anything - they just move stuff around. Honestly, it's been almost exactly three years since I joined facebook, and if I could I would go back to the way it was then with maybe three or four exceptions. I gotta wonder - are they trying to see just how much they have to mess with before they really do start driving people away. I'd go back to myspace if there was anyone left there.

~ Luke did our taxes recently, and the refund we're getting is about five times bigger than what we were expecting! Granted, five times a pittance is certainly not a small fortune, but it's a start. And considering we've gone six whole weeks without any car problems (watch, I've just jinxed us), I'd say things just might be turning around. Or at least peeking over their shoulder. Can't wait til the refund gets here!! :-)

~ Back in October/November-ish we made our second bedroom into a sort of living room because the actual living room's heater didn't work. When it got fixed we stayed in the bedroom because it's smaller and cheaper to heat, but I gotta say that after about four months of mostly staying in one room in order not to heat the others, I'm kinda getting cabin fever. (Sadly, we do not have Muppet Treasure Island, the watching of which would go along way toward both distracting me and making me feel warm, lol.) I soooooooo cannot wait for spring! Grandma Barnes keeps posting status updats about how the flowers are starting to appear in Puyallup . . . jealous!! Much as I love snow and missed it in Florida, if we get another storm I just might cry.

P. ost S. cript
Seriously, who doesn't love the muppets? They are quite possibly the most awesome characters ever created (along with Fraggle Rock, the Gummi Bears, and Jack Sparrow). I swear everything muppet related gets funnier and/or awesomer every time I watch! :-)


  1. Right on on the pajama jeans thing. I agree.
    Love Grandpa

  2. The solution to the food smells is obvious ... bake more brownies! I've discovered that the smell of brownies in the oven tends to waft through the whole house, while other foods don't.

    Cinnamon rolls also work well.