Saturday, February 20, 2010


I think I'll just make this one a separate post and link to it every time. It's just easier.

Sometimes I blog about personal and potentially . . . "controversial" . . . topics. A lot of times those topics involve other people, some of whom I mention by name, others remain a little more anonymous. I have a lot of reasons for these posts, some obvious and some not so much.

I realize that once something is out there, it's open to interpretation and people can infer anything they want, and I can't do anything about it. That's fine with me, that's the way it's supposed to be. I would, however, advise everyone to keep something in mind - unless I say something outright, there is no way for you to know for certain that what you're seeing between the lines is what I meant to have there. Talking about a rosy glow outside does not mean I think the sky is orange . . . but everyone is, of course, welcome to think that.

So what's my point in these posts? Catharsis, a lot of the time. Different perspectives, perhaps advice if it's an ongoing situation. Validation and sympathy sometimes - I'm only human after all. Reassurance that I'm not crazy.

I won't go the Bambi route and be all "if you can't say something nice (or complimentary, or yes-man-ish, etc.) don't say anything," but I would like to request that everyone keep in mind whilst reading these posts that there is always the possibility that what you're getting from reading them is not what I meant to leave for you to read.

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