Friday, February 14, 2014

Maybe I Was Who the Broncos Needed A Couple Weeks Ago

(*I only have a vague idea of why the reference in my title is clever, but I'm still gonna go with it.)

So we started Valentine's Day (or rather, school Valentine's, which was two days ago because of parent-teacher-conferences) on a rather depressing note.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have now officially outgrown my FOURTH formal dress . . . and all four in the freaking shoulders.  And it's really obnoxious.  I mean, I know I've gained a few pounds in the last few years, but that was definitely not what was preventing me from getting my McGyver-zipper up Wednesday morning.  No, it's because apparently I'm some sort of mutant with the shoulders of a football player that are freakishly never going to stop growing.  GAH!

Before we move on, let's just take a moment to appreciate the irony (that I know is in there somewhere) of the way my mother always wanted (and sometimes succeeded) to dress me in massive shoulder pads back in the day.  Because it wasn't enough that I look(ed) like a football player who was off the field - no, I should have been dressing in their full gear.  Seriously, of all the fads that need to stay in the eighties, massive shoulder pads are at the top of the list.


I know you've all been looking forward to my annual Valentine's post.  And by that, of course, I mean I've been marveling once again at the willingness of parents to spend hundreds of dollars on candy that their kids are just going to give away.  Should we ever be in that place, that is so not happening.

Anyway.  Again.

There isn't as much to show (off?) this time around because I'm noticing a bit of a sameness from year to year - always a pile of candy, always some generic cards, even the craziness of every single card including candy is getting a little monotonous.  Still a little bizarre, but also a little monotonous.  But either way, behold:

Okay, this one gets awesome points.  If you can't read it, it says "here's looking at you, squid."  And while I have no idea if this is some character from some show I should know in order to keep up with elementary school cred I've been working so hard to build, this one wins the Lacey Loves Bad Puns and Famous Movie Quotes competition.  Second grade gets the gold!!

(side note: is it just me, or is the US SUCKING in Sochi?  Ho.  Ly.  Crap.)

Can someone explain to me what Monster High is?  I'd never heard of it before this year, but back at Halloween they were a majorly popular costume among the third-grade-and-lower set, and clearly the popularity has not waned in the last four months.  Again, I'm losing all my hard earned cred here.

Also from the things-I've-never-seen-before file.  I have no idea what this is or where to get more of them . . . but I got two and they're rather delicious, so if anyone knows where to hook me up . . .

And in this year's fourth-graders-try-to-spell-my-name file.  Not pictured: the one that said "Mrs. Lassy Ms. Lasy"  Points for trying all around, fourth grade, but it looks like you'll be finishing just shy of the podium.

Speaking of points for trying . . . this one is not chocolate.  Sad day.  It is also not real, which I thought it was for a moment when she handed it to me yesterday.  Very sweet, but now I feel guilty about having no use for a single pink silk rose.  Also, note the correct spelling.  My name appears to have been on the class list again this year in second grade - because there's no way every last one of them would get it right, lol.

Very sweet note, but also a little confusing.  I work with the kids who are, shall we say, behind in class.  Which this girl is most emphatically not (as evidenced by the part where she's a fourth grader who spelled my name correctly, lol).  I've actually worked with her personally perhaps six times all year.  She's a bright girl though, really cute.  Reminds me a little bit of fourth grade me.  And major points for the cute little magnetic notepad inside.  Creative, and convenient since we were getting low on grocery lists, of which I've come to prefer the magnetic-stuck-to-the-fridge kind.

In other news, FOUR DAY WEEKEND, YAY!!!!!!!!!

Also, no more days off until spring break, BOO!  March at school is just endless and long and awful.  Every other month has at least one break in it.  March feels like it will never end.  The next six weeks will find everyone tired and burned out and ready to just sleep for a week.  At least once we come back from spring break things are as good as over, right?

P.ost  S. cript
Seems fitting for both Valentine's and the Olympics. :-)  Side note: am I the only one who ever wondered why the soundtrack for this movie had "Journey to the Past" in Spanish as a bonus track?  Wouldn't it have made more sense to have the Russian version?


  1. My girls have a few of those monster high dolls. Body part are interchangeable. I'm so glad they have moved on to ever after high dolls:)

    1. Haven't heard of those either. Man, I'm behind the times! :-)

  2. Well, given that I know a Lacey, a Lacy, and a Lacee, I think it's understandable that some people might have trouble determining which spelling to use. However, seeing Lassy on the cards, well, that just makes me think that Timmy fell down a well. (And yes, I know, that was Lassie, but I feel like the pronunciation would be the same)

    1. You know, I would give partial credit for A correct spelling, even if it wasn't THE correct spelling. But I think that's only happened maybe once.