Sunday, February 17, 2013

Once Upon an Obvious

Previously we ended the episode with a preview of trepidation and judging by the half-spoilers from Shayla and Kayla . . . man, they better do a heck of a job explaining why Neal is Bae.

 ~ So it looks like Rumplilocks and Milha were happy at some point.

~ Wait, Rumplilocks was excited to go to war?  What?

~ Good grief, not more parental issues.  *sigh* What was wrong with DaddyRumplilocks?

~ Just how does Rumplilocks know where Bae is down to the building?

~ Even with Cora sitting right there I'm not sure I believe that's actually Regina. 

~ Or Hook, for that matter.

~ Did Regina get a haircut?

~ Cora seems to have bee to the salon too . . . what, were they finally having a mother/daughter date?

~ Aaaaaaaaaaaand, we all called it.  Yay.  Isn't that lovely.

~ I really hope this show doesn't go the way of Lost.

~ You tell him Emma.

~ I suppose Henry ought to start calling Rumplilocks Grandpa now too.  Not nearly as amusing.

~ Yeah, speaking of August, WHERE THE CRAP IS HE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

~ Wait, how did August know who Neal really was?

~ Also, way lame reveal.  Why couldn't August just say that?  A real reason, not a "because we weren't supposed to know yet" reason.

~ Along with the not seeing him again can he make it so the whole conversation/confrontation never happened?  Because I would totally go for that if I were Emma.

~ That seer thing is more than a little creepy.

~ "Will leave him fatherless."  Clever phrasing, that.  You always have to wonder how much hearing these type of prophecies affects what happens.

~ Does that count as a Rule #3?  I'm calling it close enough.  DRINK!

~ How are they letting Regina just wander around the hospital?

~ And is that Regina or Cora?!?!

~ Oh good, a library scene.  So this episode won't be a total loss.

~ That is some lucious princess hair Cora is sporting.  Seriously, what were they up to the last couple of weeks?

~ Yum, Charming!

~ Charming who doesn't get the concept of having more than one set of grandparents.  What's up with that?

~ Major points for the show finally acknowledging the twisted up family tree!  YAY!

~ Which means, of course, rule #2 - DRINK! :-)

~ Cue Rumplilocks faking an injury.  This whole episode has been obnoxiously predictable.

~ Personally, I think I'd have an easier time going into battle than breaking my own ankle.

~ Like, if going into battle were my last option, breaking my own ankle would be in the negative on the option list.

~ Awkward three generation family reunion . . . check.

~ Clearly Rumplilocks was gone for a while.  When he left he didn't even know Milha was pregnant. (and presumably Milha didn't either, or I imagine she would have said something)

~ How did word travel so fast?  How does the whole kingdom know? (and seriously, why do they care? a poor weaver dude got himself out of the war . . . so?  do. not. get it.)

~ That took Rumplilocks longer to figure that out than I expected.

~ And the awkward is complete.

~ Dude, Henry's had a rough couple of years.

~ Why does car crash dude look so familiar?  Who is that actor?

~ Am I supposed to feel sorry for Hook?  Because I don't.

~ Is it just me, or does this scene with Emma and Henry scream "blue screen"?

~ Is Henry going to stay in New York?  Because that will definitely complicate things for Regina.

~ Why are there always so many more questions than answers?

~ Don't answer that.

~ Yeah, Bae grew up.  Speaking of which, why is he still alive?  In the time line he left FTL ages before most of the rest of the FTL stuff happened.  How is he still only, like, thirty something?

~ Well, here's an unexpected fast foward.

~ Here's hoping creepy hand-eyes girl doesn't show up again.

~ Finally, some answers!  Not very many, but at least we got a few.

~ "The boy will be your undoing" huh?  Sounds like we know what's going to be going n next season.

So . . . that was not a cliff hanger-y ending.  And I think I could like the whole family legacy of fatherly abandonment story line they've got going.  If they handle it right.  I suppose I could come to be okay with Neal being Bae . . . which just goes to show how good this show is.  An hour ago I was totally ready to quit watching.  Now I'm not entirely sure what I think.

Except for the part where Cora is evil and Hook has no redeeming qualities as of yet.  See ya in two weeks, kids.

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