Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Holiday Things

No half pound of toblerone this year . . . which is seriously depressing, lol.  But I'll gladly take being told I should be a model when I was all dressed up yesterday in exchange. (today was a half day so most of the Vamlumtimes serious times took place yesterday)

Side note:  I just added Vamlumtimes to the spell check.  I feel like I should be ashamed of that or something . . . but no.

Anyway.  Here's the awesome.

I just could not get my camera to take a picture where you could see the words better, but this one says "you make my heart bounce."  And it was accompanied by a couple of pink bouncy balls.  And I"m still giggling.  I'm kind of surprised this kid didn't come up with it by himself, because he's one who could, but he said his mom helped him.  Luke's thinking pinterest, but his mom has come in to help out a few times and it wouldn't surprised me if she came up with it herself.  Either way, it is exactly my style of humor.

(random side note again: our carpet looks a lot greener in these pictures than it does in reality.  it's much more of a green blue . . . and I'm sure you were all dying to know that!)

Speaking of precisely my type of humor . . .

Can you tell that the second grader on the right and the fourth grader on the left are brothers?  :-)

The fourth grader, explaining why I got the flutter-puppy
 valentine: "I know girls usually like butterflies and men just really don't usually, so I gave all the girls the butterflies and the men got skeletons."  Again, still laughing.

Probably a good thing that this kid didn't identify themselves.  They have absolutely become my favorite and now I don't have to worry about accidentally showing it.  It's just too bad the Perry the Platypus is missing.  :-)

 Get it?!?!?!  It says "you're tops!" and it's a TRICERATOPS!!!  More perfect Lacey humor!!!

And it's holographic!  I love it!

I also love capturing it halfway . . . ummmmmmmm . . . holograph . . . 'd?

So I got some of these yesterday and some today.  This one came today, and the giver made sure I knew yesterday that I was only waiting because she "wanted to make all the teachers' valentines extra special."  And I've got to say, she got it pretty spot on.  First, I totally melted when I read it (in case you can't read it: "your 1 of the best teachers"  it took me a moment to decipher!).  Second, brilliant move in writing over the wretched redesigned monstrosity of a princess.

Yeah, seriously, don't get me started on the new redesigns.  It's bad enough the poor girls all look like survivors of a glitter factory explosion, poor Cinderella here has gone from looking like she was modeled after Grace Kelly (which she was) to looking like one of the cheap knock-off characters designed for the movies that knock off her own movie.  Epic fail.

But like I said, don't get me started.


Pretty sure this one forgot about me, and then saw the bag the teacher had out for me and grabbed the nearest pink paper he could find.  On the other hand, I kind of think my name must have been on the list because . . .

I'm really impressed with the ability of almost all the second graders to get my name right.

While the fourth graders?  Were all over the place.  As per usual.  (yes, that says L-A-S-Y)

And finally

Delivered last night by some darling little Primary kiddies.  Maybe I'm not doing a terrible job.  :-)

On the other hand, while I recognized them as soon as I opened the door, I couldn't have named them if my life depended on it until I read the names.  Of course, I know their names quite well . . . but don't ask me to point them out to you on Sunday because I couldn't do that either.  Stupid Disney and their name tags really killed my ability to remember names and faces together.  And the "remember these four people's names for ten minutes and then remember four completely new people's names for ten minutes and then never think about any of them again for the rest of your life" thing at tank probably didn't help either.

In other news: parent-teacher conferences + President's Day = FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (condolences, Katie . . . at least you get three days, lol)

P. ost  S. cript
So I was looking for some cutesy silly Valentine's Day thing to put here . . . but then I got distracted by the best thing ever.  You're welcome.

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  1. "And my job as the director is to help the actors find the motivation for the scene ... and to try and figure out why my assistant director is dancing across the stage."

    (Why, yes, I did direct one Tank show that ran 13 and a half minutes once ... how could you tell?)