Friday, April 27, 2012

So It Turns Out I'm Human . . .

So you remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when you were in elementary school and you thought the teachers lived at the school and more or less ceased when class wasn't in session?  (and don't try to pretend you didn't think that, lol)

You are about to be topped.

So.  Fourth grade this morning.  Teacher wasn't there.  Judging by the situation I'm guessing this was a planned absence with a sub found in advance.  And then the sub called in sick.  Good times, no?  Fortunately that class has a semi-student teacher . . . I believe they are referred to as Level 2 teaching students?  Or something like that?  They're in the classroom but doing more observing than teaching, but maybe a little teaching sometimes . . . or something?  Whatever.  Anyway, the point was that she was there, and a good thing too!

So the powers that be are frantically trying to get another sub, and I have no idea what the deal is or why it's taking so long, but along about 9:30 there's a call to the classroom with (I believe) an update.  So I talk to the semi-teacher briefly and she says she's the teacher unless/until they get a sub, and I wish her luck - and then.  Oh, then.  Our good friend Eric feels the need to chime in.

Eric: I mean, what's up with that?!  Subs aren't allowed to get sick!

Me: They're people too, you know.

Eric: No they're not, they're robots!

To sum up the conversation we had when I could breathe again: Subs are robots, that's why it's so easy for teachers to get a sub when they can't be there.  Teachers are human.  I'm not a teacher, but I'm an aide so I'm not a robot.  Isn't that reassuring? :-)

P. ost  S. cript
To celebrate not being a robot. :-)


  1. Actually at that point in time it would have been a level 3 not a level 2. Plus I'm curious; was ANYONE with her until a sub came? Because that's totally against university rules otherwise.

    1. 1) whatever.

      2) I would assume so? I don't know after I left.