Monday, December 26, 2011

The Truth Comes Out

So . . . a couple of months ago I made a vague and slightly cryptic reference to an "announcement" of sorts today.

And it appears most of you immediately guessed that I was pregnant . . .


Actually, since that is most emphatically not the "news" (and this is going to be so anticlimactic comparatively) I was caught quite off guard because it didn't even occur to me that anyone would go there - although I can see now why some people went straight to that conclusion . . . *cough*Erin*cough* ;-)

Anyway. I would ask for a drum roll, but . . . yeah . . . no.

The pictures were for Christmas presents. Specifically, a professionally done photo book that I had printed for both sets of parents. They are hard cover books and turned out looking kind of fabulous if I do say so myself - and if you don't believe me, check out a couple of pages:

(not actual final size. these are screenshots of the pages from the site where I made it.)

Now, I'm sure those of you who know me well are thinking "wait a minute, that girl can't scrapbook worth crap!" Well, you're probably putting it more kindly, but you're right. I can't. Like some sort of reverse Midas touch, all I have to do is look at scrapbook supplies to cause them to wither and shrivel and blacken and basically be ruined. Seriously. But back in January I discovered this AMAZING website (which is also where I put together your book, Grandma & Grandpa) and it is freaking brilliant because it is idiot proof. More specifically, it is Lacey proof. Sure you can get all creative and do everything yourself and make it totally unique and stuff. Or you can use the Lacey Can't Screw This Up method (trademark pending) where you choose a theme, and then you choose a layout for each page, and then you upload the photos you want to use and THEN . . . (this is where the drum roll should go, lol) . . . you drag and drop the pictures in the hole that says "drag and drop picture here." And if you want any text you put it in the box that says "insert text here."

Told you it was Lacey proof. Dude, I tried to screw this up and it still looked great! Not as good as the finished project, but still pretty great. Best move I made all year? Snapping up the $50-for-$15 groupon that popped up in my inbox shortly after making the Grandparental Anniversary Book clear back in January. I also printed one for us and this is SO how I am going to be doing all our family's scrapbooking for the rest of forever. Maybe it's not all cutesy and homemade like everyone else's scrapbooks . . . but it also does not look like it was done by a toddler like all my other attempts at scrapbooking. Yay!

Side note: Luke's parents loved it. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that it was their favorite thing under the tree. I haven't heard any opinions from my parents yet . . . so I'm just going to assume they're working on forgiving us for not including an ultrasound photo page at the very end. Which is soooooooo not how we would have announced it anyway. But my mother did take her shrines to me and Shayla down this year for Christmas decorations . . . who knows, maybe she'll leave them down as a hint that she wants to create grandkid shrines now.

Side side note for those not in the know: okay, they're not exactly shrines, per se. But ever since I can remember all the family pictures have been confined to the hallway - out of sight to pretty much everyone who ever comes to the house but doesn't live there. But after having two daughters get married, mom went a little Mrs. Bennett on us and covered the top of the piano and one of the end tables in bridal/engagement/wedding pictures of the two/four of us. Someone who didn't know better would never know there are four kids in our family. Therefore, I have dubbed the displays shrines. Because I can.

Anyway. Sorry if I disappointed anyone . . . but I am quite delighted at my new found fake-scrapbooking skills. And you all should still check out Elise for all your photography needs because seriously, you can see how fabulous she is. (you are coming back up here, right Elise?)

And that is all. Happy first day of Kwanzaa/second day of Christmas/fifth(?) day of Hanukkah everybody!

P. ost S. cript
Yeah, totally posted this last year. But it's still awesome . . . especially the intro. Alliteration for the win!


  1. Yes ma'am! I'll be back. Also, the books turned out so good. Seriously, love them.

  2. She took it down because she has high hopes of making a shrine to me. (I don't actually know if that's true....but I know she has high hopes.)

  3. Funny . . . but I still think she'd prefer a baby shrine.