Thursday, December 1, 2011

No Rest For The Grammar Nazi

The Santa Clause. Clever movie. You've seen it, don't lie. (feel free to lie about seeing the sequels though) It came out in 1994. I was . . . well, since this is the internet I shall just say that my age had two digits and I was not a teenager. Even then I thought it was an immensely clever title. Because you see, the mythical fat man in a red suit is named Santa Claus. No e on the end. There's an e on the end in the title of the movie because the movie isn't talking about the Bearded Dude (or Jeff Bridges . . . ten points!). No, the title was referencing the legal definition of the word clause, which is a stipulation or article in a legal document. As in "if you put on the red suit you are contractually obligated to keep it on blah, blah, blah." The clause pertaining to being Santa, if you will. And they even made the e a different color to emphasize what they were going for. And maybe I'm being a little arrogant here, but as a child still in elementary school I recognized that, got it, and enjoyed the pun.

So it breaks my heart a little to see that now, 17 years later, somehow everyone has come to believe that the jolly old elf's name is Santa Clause. Because you can hardly find it in writing anywhere properly any more. I think I die a little inside every time I see it spelled wrong. And you know Santa's gotta be pretty ticked by now. I hate it when people misspell my name, and I haven't been around for a century or two. I think this shall be my battle in the "war" on Christmas. Team CLAUS, y'all.

I would hide everyone in my facebook feed who spells it wrong . . . but I don't think I'd have many people left unhidden by the end of the month.

Let the Christmas blogging begin - happy holidays folks!

P. ost S. cript
Talk about a movie that just won't end - I much prefer this version!!


  1. Santa may spell his name without the final e, but Chris spells his last name Clause ... and he's almost as cool as Santa ... kinda, sorta. (I mean, when we had the big "put your name on a pushpin and put it at your hometown" map in the Shuttles breakroom, he put his at the North Pole. That counts for something, right?)

  2. (and yes, I've seen at least Part 3 of that movie ... and you may deny it, but I seem to recall you were part of the group that went to see that one)

  3. I would have been, but that was a little before my time in the shuttles club. Are you sure you're not thinking of the group that went to Shrek 3?

  4. all I remember is that after seeing the trailer for Santa Clause 3 on the loop in the prop warehouse for about 6 months before the movie came out, everyone that went that night was able to quote every line that was in the trailer.