Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wake Me Up When August Ends

So starting Monday I'll be spending this year as an aide again, which is great. My hours have been cut, which is not great.

And while I know that I should just shut up and be grateful to have any job at all, I can't help but feel the rejection. After all, the whole hours cut thing comes after two and a half years of applying all over the place with absolutely no results. And if you count all the summers in college when I tried to get a job in this town I'm on an almost ten year streak, which I suppose is a pretty impressive record. I stand by everything I said earlier this month, but considering how much emphasis is placed on a person's job these days it would be nice if people would give me a second glance. Of course, this is the girl who's never gotten a job without familial intervention unless the only requirement for that job was a pulse. And I'm pretty sure Western Wats would hire zombies.

Anyway, I've pretty much spent the last ten-ish days just reading and pinning scrumptious looking treats. And wanting to eat them all. But apparently the fat gods have decided that ten pounds was just not good enough, because first I tried to make some frozen nutella hot chocolate a little while ago, only to discover that some part or other of the spinning mechanism of our blender has rusted or something and . . . well, we no longer have a blender. Then Monday I tried to make some molasses cookies and - well, I don't even know what happened. I was mixing up the wet ingredients and suddenly the mixer got all wobbly or something and . . . I don't know. The spin-y things - the spines of the beater - do those things even have their own name?! Whatever - the things that actually do the mixing . . . one of them fell off the stick you stick into the motor. Seriously, what the crap is that about?!? That makes absolutely NO SENSE. This has got to be the stupidest appliance malfunction . . . so stupid I'm pretty sure I'm the only person it's ever happened to, because how much more ridiculous can it get?

And yes, I know, holy first world problems Batman. But I've seriously been in need of a sweet, preferably chocolaty, because let's be honest: chocolate never says you're not good enough. So there is currently a large bag of pretzel M&Ms in the cupboard. And its sojourn there shall be brief.

And hopefully these cursed dog days of summer will end soon and I will stop dripping with sweat from the moment I get out of bed, which will lead to the motivation to do more than lay on the floor directly under the swamp cooler all day. Seriously, why do spring and autumn have to be so short? They're just long enough to taunt you, and then the weather is back in to unbearability!

P. ost S. cript
This? Is too cool. I'd love to learn to play, but it's got to be ridiculously difficult.


  1. I am totally with you- I have two jobs and don't want either one and what's up with hiring the kid that can spout Comp Guidance page numbers but is not very good at the real world/at risk student type of counseling when you could have my street smarts and great counseling skills but I have to look in the book for the page number of the lesson?

    But every day I try to remember to say, "Yay, a job and the bills are paid"

  2. What is that thing? It looks like he's just waving his hand over a couple of sticks.

  3. Oh, and you're evil for showing me that website about delectable!

  4. Ashli - it's called a theremin. Not sure how it works, but isn't it cool?

    Deb - You know you want to join. All the rest of us are already there! ;-)