Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Gotta Do This More

You know . . . I really need to try the whole giving up thing more often. It seems to be pretty effective - at least for me. Observe:

Summer 2007: Lacey decides to forget about ever meeting Mr. Right. Gives up on marriage, dating will be for fun, and with whomever strikes her fancy.

August 2007: Enter Luke Garlock. Need I say more?

End of December/beginning of January 2008/9: Lacey decides to forget about finding a job.

January 11, 2010: Lacey gets a call for an interview at Ellis Elementary.
January 12, 2010: Lacey has said interview. Questions are as follows: 1) Tell me about yourself. 2) The job responsibilities are x. Can you handle that? 3) Can you start tomorrow?

Yeah. Totally giving up on things more often from here on in. :-)

I was a little worried about the starting tomorrow thing, because I'm already subbing tomorrow and Friday but I didn't want to say know in if there was someone else waiting in the wings who would have gotten the job because they could start today. Sorely tempted to lie for about three seconds, but I would have screwed myself over more thoroughly than one would think humanly possible. But there seems to be nobody else in line, so I start Tuesday.

And on the nobody-else-in-line note - on one level that's actually kind of annoying. About eight couples moved into our ward over the summer last year. They job hunted for a while, but of all of us, I am the last person to find anything. Seriously. Freaking annoying. It's a good thing I've found such an effective job-acquiring strategy. Totally doing it this way from now on.

Granted, it's only two and half hours a day. And that only adds up to fifty hours a month. Not much . . . but it's more than I've worked in a month since, well, December of '08. And I do appreciate the irony of the fact that I was typically doing fifty hours a week at the time. Blargh.

So anyway - Luke and I are, of course, totally psyched and more than a little relieved. Although you may have noticed that after the ups and downs of last year - particularly the last couple of months - it's kind of hard to get all bounce-off-the-walls excited. I guess I'm waiting for the catch to catch up to me. Needless to say, our apartment will remain rather ice box-y and we won't be renting any movies for a while yet. But things are definitely looking up. Woot! :-)

Completely unrelated side note: our apartment started smelling like paint yesterday. Quite potently, and most inexplicably. Most unpleasant - but if we both turn up dead in the near future, it's probably safe to assume it was the paint fumes. Either that or the mold that's taken over pretty much every corner in the last six weeks or so. It'll be an interesting way to go. :-)

P. ost S. cript
I'm in a bit of a narcissistic mood. The first one is from right after I trained, and the second is from right before we left Florida . . . am I the only one who can tell how much better I got?
And Eric - I take full responsibility for any trauma/unpleasant memories/tics developed on account of the first show. ;-)


  1. Oh, hey! there ya go! Where did she say you would be working?

  2. Hooray! It only because of the addition of my prayers did it happen. :D

    The videos: the only thing I noticed was that you had hand actions to the various effects the second time, and not the first. And you were louder.


    I'm kinda sad that I couldn't find a video of the show I directed with Princess as the assistant, and/or any of Toomey's canyon shows ... those could really give someone a nervous tic

  4. What were you going to be doing at ellis elementary? I knew some people who worked there, I used to live right next to that school :)

  5. I'm going to be a second grade writing tutor and work with one of the after school programs. Beyond that, I have no idea what exactly I'll be doing . . . we'll find out tomorrow! :-)

  6. Hey, I think my friend works there as something like that. Her name is Karrie Mclung. I don't know if she is still there because she had a baby and might have quite, but she is a really super cool person!