Monday, July 15, 2013

Wibbly Wobbly

~  Okay, let's start with the obvious(ish).  What is with the random instant Dr. Who explosion?  This show has been on longer than my parents have been alive and I went over a quarter of a century without even knowing it existed.  But somehow in the last year or so it finally crossed the pond (pun intended?) suddenly and massively and now everyone is all over it.  Seriously, every possible category I could put the people I know into - high school friend, college friends, family, etc. - has its own subset of sudden Whovians.  I totally need to check it out, it looks like something I could really get into . . . but I still don't get what happened.  It doesn't even qualify as a meteoric rise to fame, it's more like the show apparated itself into a waiting crowd of adoring fans that just didn't know what they were waiting to adore.

~ What do we want?  TIME TRAVEL!  When do we want it?  IT'S IRRELEVANT!!

~ The House of Hades won't be out for another 83 days.  I kind of want time travel now.

~ Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana.


So last week marked roughly the halfway point of summer vacation. (warnings and condolences to those who need them)  It's so weird . . . summer always is/was for me.  The last days of school feel like they were so long ago . . . but at the same time it doesn't feel possible to be closer to school starting again than to the end of last year.  It's just so screwy.

~ On that note, even though essentially the only thing I've done for the last four summers this summer is job hunt, I'm kind of dreading that point in time where I have a "normally" scheduled job again.  Other than the couple of years I was in Florida I have literally always been on the school model of time.  It's a cushy gig if you can get/afford it, but I still remember how just plain bizarre it was not to be going back to school in the fall of '06.  And not changing things up around the time the new semester was starting.  And to just keep going doing the same thing all through the next summer and into the next fall.  It's still weird to think about.  I kind of wish everything could adopt the school calender and the whole planet would just take three months off and then start again.

Of course, the more practical thing to do would be to throw out the ridiculously outdated school calender and go to year-round classes . . . but other than to state the obvious about how it would probably be easier for everyone to adjust once they were out of school, that is a days-long rant I shan't get into.  Today.

P. ost  S. cript
Another reason Push is my favorite.  Are there any girl Pushes, 'cause I could totally go for this job.  (also: the time my friend Celeste came to visit and we located the guy with the mike and she totally hit on him through Push remains one of my favorite times ever)


  1. to answer the picture at the, time travelers still have to synchronize themselves based on what times/places they went in the last however long (which is indeed explained in Doctor Who)....because while they all spent time together, they were doing different things, and they cant say too much about an experience the other hasnt had yet because it would create a paradox.....which is why 2 Doctors cant be in the same place at any one time....but in theory Yes the time traveler annual meeting could be condensed into one meeting by simply designating a specific time and relative dimension in space where they could all meet and as soon as one meeting was ended they would (real time line) go out and about for a year but (outsiders percieved time line) meet again for the next 'yearly' meeting only a few seconds later ;)