Monday, June 10, 2013

Do Not Adjust Your Television Set

So I know this is totally going to sound like I've been hacked, and I suppose I can't really prove I haven't been . . . but I'll start by saying I haven't.  And move on to sounding like an infomercial hosted by a Nigerian prince who wants to help you enhance your . . . "stamina" . . .

Anyway.  You may have noticed a new little box over there >>>>>>>>>

Keep going.  It's about halfway down.

There you go.  Yeah.  That one.

It leads to this kind of brilliant little site I discovered back in January through pinterest.  And clearly I need to go through and actually read some of the other money saving pins I've repinned without actually reading.

Anyway.  You sign up.  You do surveys and crap.  You get paid.  Actual money.  I'll be getting a check in the mail in a week or two and that will bring the total amount of money they've sent me to $120 . . . which is not a lot - but is $120 more than we would have had otherwise.


In fact, I set up an email account just to sign up for it just in case it was a scam (and I would recommend doing that anyway since there is a bit of spam involved . . . a worth it amount, but this way it's easier to keep track of what's what).  But it's actual checks that we took to our actual banking institution and got actual money deposited in our actual account and there has actually been no bouncing.  It's kind of awesome . . . actually.

So what do you do?

You get emails with a link at the bottom that acknowledges you read it.  You click the link and you get 2 cents credit, which is not a lot but totally adds up.

You take surveys and get paid for it - usually under a dollar but sometimes up to four bucks.

You use their search engine and get credit for it, and if you use it consistently you get a ten cent bonus that week.  And unless you're using an internet connection like the one my parents had up until, like, two minutes ago, you lose no time in doing that first and then doing the same search on google if the results aren't what you were looking for.

You watch short video ads (I use the term watch a little loosely here) and get paid a few cents for each.

You print off coupons which save money on groceries and on top of that get a ten cent credit when you use them.

And you tell everybody you know about it so you get a bonus when they sign up and then more bonuses every time they do a survey.

Oh yeah . . . did I mention I was posting this entirely for mercenary reasons out of the goodness of my heart?  ;-)

Anyway . . . yeah.  I know all y'all are just as broke as us (well, maybe not that broke) so I'm passing it on, now that I've done the "proving it's a real thing" thing.  And now we can all celebrate together.

*this is probably the part where I should mention I didn't get paid to post this. like I said my motives were purely mercenary.  well, somewhat mercenary.*

P. ost  S. cript
So maybe there are only seven plots that keep getting recycled over and over, but here we have more proof that only one song has ever been written in the history of ever.  (side note: Katie - remember the mash-up version of "Friday" and "Baby" a certain someone sang a few years ago?  It still weirds me out to hear "Friday" sung to its actual tune!)

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