Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven Epic Ecritures

(Note: ecritures = French for writings. Because no way was I only going to be 2/3 alliterative, lol.)

1 ~ Singing Rebecca Black's "Friday" to the tune of Justin Bieber's "Baby"? Epic. I'm not sure if it's epically awesome or epically horrifying . . . but it's definitely epic. (btw, did I spell Beiber right?) Turns out sometimes 5th graders aren't obnoxious, but actually funny!

2 ~ Today in 5th grade: listing things that fall into the category "things with wings." The group I was with came up with only bird and plane (and one kid had bat). So I asked them to come up with one more that was neither bird nor plane. This ensues:

Kid 1: Eagle!

Me: That's a bird.

Kid 2: A flamingo!

Me: That's a bird.

Kid 3: A jet!

Me: That's a type of plane.

(Georgette): I know! A wingless bird!!

Me: *blank stare. about three beats*
*cracks up*
(thinking) aaaaaaaaaand two strikes with one swing!

Georgette gets a code name because I have the feeling this is not the last you'll be hearing from her, lol.

3 ~ Passing a random first grader in the hall - her eyes get big. "You were the princess kitty on Halloween!!" Dude, even the kids who don't know me know who I am. Pretty sure I've achieved rock star status or something. :-)

4 ~ Conversation with Luke today:

Luke: When is Thanksgiving?

Me: The 24th.

Luke: What day?

Me: *blank stare*

Luke: I don't know what day of the week that is!

Me: *face palm*

Sometimes all I can do is roll my eyes and think this. (at part 1:17)

5 ~ Bit of trivia for you - about 90 years ago an American woman came up with the idea for wearing poppies in November for Veteran's Day (then Armistice Day). Apparently it caught on pretty big. It's still big in Europe . . . in America . . . not so much. Interesting, no?

6 ~ Assuming I could put together an accurate recreation of these . . . things . . . would this not be the most horrifyingly creepy Halloween costume ever? That smile . . . those elbows . . . they're going to give me nightmares!!

7 ~ The Mark of Athena? Needs to be out now. Not exactly Deathly Hallows level of need . . . but DUDE, I hate waiting for books to come out!

8 ~ Throwing jeans in the dryer in the morning so they're warm when you get out of the shower and dress? AMAZING!

9 ~ Obnoxious neighbor story. So our downstairs neighbors sort adopted some stray cats forever ago (meaning the cats showed up and the neighbors fed them). Then our diagonal downstairs neighbors moved in and didn't have any objection to the cats. Then we move in. Fast forward to about six weeks ago. Diagonal neighbors have purchased a fancy new car and now the cats are suddenly unacceptable because apparently one of them threw up on their old car once. And their new car is, like, unwashable or something. So they complain and the landlords say get rid of the cats, which is sad because everyone else loves the cats and they keep the mice out of the outdoor storage sheds. Almost as soon as the cats are gone the fancy new car inexplicably disappears never to be seen again. And last week the universally disliked (and not just for cat-related reasons) diagonal neighbors move out. Seriously? You're too lazy to wash your new car so you get the cats disappeared and then you move out? Dear ex-neighbors: you suck.

10 ~ Scraping windows also sucks. Totally trying this sometime soon.

11 ~ Black Friday starts at 10:00 on Thursday?! Is there no low too low for someone out there to sink to in order to make a buck? Here's hoping no one shows up for at least a few hours . . . but I doubt it.

P. ost S. cript
A fun little video, particularly for the Tiger Mother readers out there, lol. And it takes some serious talent!


  1. #9- Good riddance.
    #5- I had no idea about this tidbit- I say we bring it back. Whaddya say?
    #4- 4th Thursday in November. You're welcome.
    #2- What kind of bird has no wings? And uh- missed the point of the list apparently. I am impressed at the mention of Flamingos. I happen to often forget they exist. Sorry pink bird guys.

  2. 9 - Right?!
    5 - Yes. Totally.
    4 - I know! I seriously couldn't think of anything to say to that, so Luke started in on this spiel about how some holidays have the same date and some move around and he can never keep track . . . I went with alliteration when I was a kid to remember - Thanksgiving Thursday. :-)
    2 - RIGHT?!?! Points for trying, but double fail. In her defense, I think she meant flightless bird or something like that . . . although they still have wings, lol.

  3. #4 - Gotta love hubbies, right? Before my brain got fried by pregnancy hormones, I DEFINITELY caught more of these from my own hubby :)

    #5 - When living in Spain, I always wondered why there were more poppies worn in Fall. Interesting.

    #7 - COMPLETELY agree :) I am really loving him as an author and I would dare say he's my favorite right now. He keeps ending this series with crazy cliff-hangers, and it's about to drive me over the edge! (however, I think the 2nd book's ending wasn't quite as bad as the 1st's ending :)

    #11 - Saw that too and thought it was ridiculous. Can't people just enjoy a dinner with family any more? Geesh...